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Suge J Knight Talks Love & Listings, Tupac Is Alive, His Father

Appearing on Yahoo Entertainment, Suge J Knight talks about his emotional conversation with his father that was shown on Love & Listings. A conversation that finally took place after three years. Suge Jr. also explains his Tupac Is Alive comments made in early 2018.

Back on October 2, 2018 Suge J Knight claimed Tupac was alive and in Malaysia. This would prompt the internet to go crazy but also have many question Suge J Knight’s mental state. Over the years there has been much debate of whether or not Tupac faked his own death. O4L Online Network looked at some of these arguments, which can be seen here.

Speaking to Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo Entertainment, Suge J Knight explained his comments. “When I said it, the whole world, I mean the whole world stop moving. Like everybody’s like what;s going on? Like I went on and got 200,000 thousand followers within two days.”

According to Suge J Knight, it wasn’t just done for no reason, there is a purpose behind it. “You gonna have to tune into the show to see why. It’s a real good message why I did it,” says Knight Jr.

Love & Listings

The show Suge J Knight speaks about, is Love & Listings, on VH-1. The show premiered on July 31. As per the release on the network’s site, “Suge Knight’s son Jacob Knight. Jacob is a real estate mogul in training who is ready to make a name for himself and recover his family’s legacy after years of living in the shadow of his father’s legal troubles. Joining him is former NFL Linebacker Zac Diles (who is dating none other than Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Kat), veteran agent Erik Miles, newbie Ajani Scott, and other names in the L.A. real estate game such as Taylor Schwartz, Andrew Clinkscale, Samantha Barretto, Sarah Scheper, Tai Savet, Alexandre Anu, and more!”

Suge J Knight also talks to Yahoo Entertainment about an emotional scene from Love & Listings. Suge J Knight receives a call from the prison where his father is serving time. A call which enables Suge J Knight to finally speak to his father after three years. “That scene pretty much was like, a real scene. I haven’t spoken to my father in three years.” Reason for lack of communications according to Suge J Knight was the decision from the Judge who they shouldn’t be able to speak.

Suge J Knight also talks growing up as Suge J Knight’s son, his father’s public image and much more.



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