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Suge J Knight On Eminem’s New Album: This Ain’t It

Suge J Knight, son of Suge Knight, appeared on Cam Capone News where he said he isn’t feeling Eminem’s new album and doesn’t feel the need to apologize for past comments about Slim Shady.

Not taking away from Eminem’s legendary status, Suge J Knight does not take back when he said nobody listens to Eminem. “I just had my opinion. Do I apologize for it? Nah man. That’s who I am,” Knight said.

Ever since the beef between Eminem and Nick Cannon reignited back in 2019, Knight had made it clear who’s side he was on. Voicing his feelings through various Instagram posts, Knight was clearly not a fan of Slim Shady. At one point he was looking release diss songs towards Em, but decided not to. (View: Suge J Knight Won’t Release “Disrespectful” Eminem Diss Song)

Suge J Knight On Eminem's New Album: This Ain't It
Eminem (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Exactly a year later. Knight still isn’t feeling Em, as he gave his thoughts on Music To Be Murdered By Deluxe Edition. “Everybody is saying the same (ishh) that I was saying, ‘This ain’t it’. I’m not a hater,” Knight tells Cam Capone News.

Perhaps Knight is talking about Lil Pump who recently via his IG story said, calling Em the “B” word and claiming that no one listening to his old a–.

Suge J Knight did give Eminem credit for one song which the entrepreneur does like. “I actually like one Eminem song. I didn’t even know that Drake sampled it, that Chicago freestyle.” Knight is referring to Eminem’s “Superman” record.

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