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Suge J Knight Is Looking For A Beat To End Eminem's Career

Despite Nick Cannon releasing not one but two diss songs, Eminem has yet to respond lyrically. That hasn’t stopped everyone else from either taking Cannon’s side, or Eminem’s side. Including Suge J Knight.

According to Suge J Knight he is determined to end Eminem’s career and shut his fans up.

Suge J Knight

All he needs is a beat. Via his official Instagram account, Knight warns producers not to send “no weak s***.”

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Ever since the beef between Eminem and Nick Cannon reignited, Knight has made it clear who’s side he is on. Voicing his feelings through various Instagram posts, Knight is clearly not a fan of Slim Shady.

From flat out posting a photo of Eminem and captioning it with, “this guy f***ing sucks”, to mocking Eminem’s black hat.

Suge J Knight also gave credit to his father former Death Row records owner Suge Knight. Implying that without Suge Knight, there wouldn’t be no Dr. Dre and no Eminem.


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