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Suge J Knight Interview With The Dinner Club On VH1 Love And Listings [Deleted Scene]

In a deleted scene of “Love And Listings”, Suge J Knight stops by Dash Radio as he appears on EDIDON’s show The Dinner Club.

The Dinner Club which airs every Wednesday night at 9PM/PT has interviewed many up and coming artists. Mozzy and Roddy Ricch appeared on The Dinner Club before becoming main stream stars.

On this episode of The Dinner Club Suge J Knight talks about his father Suge Knight. The former Death Row owner has been serving a 28 year sentence since 2018.

Suge J Knight Interview With The Dinner Club On VH1 Love And Listings
Suge J Knight interview with EDI Mean, The Dinner Club

Although Suge J Knight is the son of one the most feared man ever to grace the music industry, Knight Jr. has his own identity. “I’m not coming how they think I should be coming in, Suge Knight way,” explains Suge J Knight.

Love & Listings on VH-1, per the release on the network’s site, “Suge Knight’s son Jacob Knight. Jacob is a real estate mogul in training who is ready to make a name for himself and recover his family’s legacy after years of living in the shadow of his father’s legal troubles.”

Joining Suge J Knigjt on the show is former NFL Linebacker Zac Diles, veteran agent Erik Miles, newbie Ajani Scott.

Full Interview with Suge J Knight

Just under a year ago, Suge J Knight appeared on The Dinner Club where he spoke about his Tupac is alive comments. A week prior to the interview Suge J Knight had said Tupac was alive and living in Malaysia. When asked about the comments about Tupac being alive, Suge J Knight has this to say, ” When asked about Tupac being alive Suge J Knight had this to say, “Bro, I have the picture of 98 of Pac holding me bro. I’m not lying.”

The full interview can be heard below courtesy of The Dinner Club official YouTube channel.

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