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Suga-T Shares Memories Of Working With Tupac

Suga-T appeared on Gully TV where she talked about her career in hip-hop including working with Tupac Shakur.

Hailing from Vallejo, California, Tenina Stevens, better known as Suga-T, was a founding member of hip-hop group The Click. The group consisted of four members who were related to each other, E-40, B-Legit, D-Shot and Suga-T.

In 1992, the group released their debut album titled ‘Down and Dirty’ through E-40’s label Sick Wid It Records. A year later, Suga-T put out ‘It’s All Good’ her debut solo album.

She would go on to release a further three solo albums and collaborate with many other artists. She’s known in the hip-hop community as the First Lady of the Bay, Suga-T has spread her work into other genres of music. Recently she’s reinvented herself and is the founder of Sprinkle Me Enterprise.


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Suga-T Connected With Tupac On A Personal Level

In her interview with Gully TV, Suga-T speaks about working with an artist who she became friends with before she collaborated with him. In 1995, she appeared on the chorus of E-40’s song ‘Dusted ‘n’ Disgusted’ which also featured Tupac. Speaking on Tupac, Suga-T says their relationship was cool and they connected on a personal level. Explaining that Tupac would come over to her house with a bunch of people and use her house as a place to relax.

Not thinking anything bad would happen to Tupac, therefore she wishes that she did more songs with him. Reminiscing back Suga-T said, “It was a great experience, without thinking something was going to happen to him. I wish I would have took more advantage of an opportunity to work more with him. But we were able to record a song before he passed that was called what goes around comes around. That was the last recording we that we did as a group with him.”


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