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Stunna 4 Vegas New Video “Do Dat” With DaBaby, Lil Baby

Billion Dollar Baby Hip Hop artist, Stunna 4 Vegas premiered his new music video for “Do Dat” Wednesday Night (March 4).

Fellow North Carolina rapper DaBaby is also featured on the song, along with Lil Baby.

Directed by Reel Goats, “Do Dat” was shot and filmed in Atlanta. The song is featured on Stunna 4 Vegas second studio album “Rich Youngin”, which dropped in mid January of 2020.


The album would go to debut at number 29 on the Billboard 200, far better than his debut album “Big 4X” which only peaked at number 50.

Stunna 4 Vegas (Photo by Nick Mays)

“We’ll put a b**** up like a throwback
Freak ho, she mix the Perc’ with the Mo√ęt
So many racks like I grow it
Hit the stage, do my dance in this b**** like I’m Kodak
Make ’em freeze like he took a Kodak picture
My lil’ n**** move on ’em, I whistle
That b**** think I’m hot, sizzle,” Stunna 4 Vegas on “Do Dat”.

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Marking the first time Stunna and Lil Baby did a track together, it all came to be because Lil Baby kept his word. “I ran into Lil Baby so many times being with DaBaby, and every time I would run into him i might tell him, ‘I need one from you’,” Stunna 4 Vegas recently said in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes 2. “He’d tell me like yeah I got you. He kept his word. Shout out to Lil Baby for sure.”


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