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Video Of Tupac Recording Song For MC Hammer Is Coming! Watch Trailer

kendrick Wells who was Tupac’s personal assistant has revealed he will be releasing a full Tupac studio session. The session will show Tupac recording a song which was originally meant for MC Hammer.

According to Kendrick Wells MC Hammer was ready for a return to the music industry. In his return, MC Hammer would join Death Row records. Not to mention Tupac would write a song just for Hammer.

MC Hammer and Tupac

That particular song became one of Tupac’s hits after he passed. “Unconditional Love” was released on Tupac’s “Greatest Hits” album.


Uncondional Love would become one of Tupac’s most heartfelt songs of all time. “Come, listen to my truest thoughts / My truest feelings / All my peers doing years beyond drug dealing / How many caskets can we witness before we see it’s hard to live / This life without God, so we must ask forgiveness / Ask mama, why I got this urge to die,” raps Tupac.

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“They created a hit called “Unconditional Love”. Later it got released but it didn’t sound like it did, but it was alright. the orginal song was made for MC Hammer. Tupac went in and ghost wrote,” explains Kendrick. “He spit the track, then they give it to MC Hammer. Hammer came along and recorded it later.”

What happened to MC Hammer’s version of Unconditional Love written by Tupac?

So what happened to the MC Hammer version of the song? Wells never heard it but says it was shelved due to Hammer’s label at the time who wouldn’t allow him to work with Death Row records.

Regardless of that soon we will all witness greatness at work. In what will be Tupac’s first ever full studio session video to be released. “I recorded the whole thing. I have a video that I’m probably going to release with my documentary,” says Kendrick.

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The entire studio session is about an hour long and will also feature producer Johnny J as he helped to create the hit. Also in the studio that day was EDI Mean of the Outlawz.


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