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Stormzy Takes Aim At The British Government, Politics

Grime heavyweight Stormzy launches a scathing attack on every British Government to come into power over the past 25 years.

Stormzy, real name Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr, spoke with GQ Magazine about successive governments letting British people down. Although he backed Labor in last year’s general election, the British rapper didn’t hold back on all political parties.

In the March edition of GQ, Stormzy said, “Every government has let black people down, let working-class people down. Since when I’ve been young, whether it’s been a Labour government or a Tory government, not much has changed for the people who need it the most.”


Making his feelings clear on the British Prime Minister, Stormzy states, he’s not for man. Stormzy referenced Boris Johnson’s journalism days before he arrived in politics and highlighted his negative and racist comments.

Furthermore, he thinks that the Conservative party have encouraged hate speech as they have stood by Boris Johnson. “If that is our figurehead, the top man, the leader we have to follow. He openly says these things, he encourages hate.”

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Stormzy and Jeremy Corbyn at the GQ Awards in 2017

In addition, Stormzy also tells of how his headlining set at Glastonbury almost ended in disaster. Around 25 minutes in, he realized that the pack that delivers studio sound quality to his ear had blown.

This left Stormzy not hearing anything other than the festival speakers, which are delayed. Carrying on his performance, in the back of his mind he thought that he was rapping off beat.

After coming off stage, Stormzy felt anger and disappointment that the malfunctioning of technology might have impacted his performance. He said, “I was just bawling my eyes out. I thought, ‘You have just absolutely f***** that.’ I haven’t cried like that since primary school. I just broke down.”


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