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Stormzy Accused Of 'Using' Grime In Beef With Wiley

The beef between two of the biggest UK Grime heavyweights, Stormzy and Wiley, has reached boiling point this week.

UK Grime star, Stormzy, hit back at fellow British Grime artist, Wiley, as the pair continue an online feud. It started when Stormzy secured the first UK number one of 2020 with ‘Own It’, which features Ed Sheeran. Wiley, real name Richard Cowie, known as the ‘Godfather of Grime’, released ‘Eediyat Skengman 2‘, on which he attacks Stormzy and goes for his family. On ‘Eediyat Skengman 2’, Wiley accuses Stormzy and Ed Sheeran of using the genre of Grime and never caring about it.

‘Godfather of Grime’, Wiley

Not content at stopping there, Wiley goes further, bringing the popular artist’s personal life onto the beef. He raps about Stormzy’s absent father, stating, “I’ve done more for you than your Dad has.” He goes onto say that his mother will have her hair extensions ripped out if he ever sees her at Croydon market.

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On Tuesday, January 7, Stormzy responded with ‘Still Disappointed’, on which he calls Wiley’s sister a ‘little b****’. Furthermore, Stormzy took shots at Wiley’s mother and calling himself the ‘King of Grime’, even saying that Wiley has a death wish. Uploaded on his official YouTube, ‘Still Disappointed’ has already surpassed 3 million views.

However, he feels sorry for Ed Sheeran, for getting dragged into the beef. He said, “this is why it’s even worse, because Ed’s the kindest, nicest soul ever. He’s just trying to travel the world and he’s probably getting notifications. But I said, don’t worry I’ll do the trolling’.”

Stormzy and Ed Sheeran

The beef has gripped UK music fans, with people choosing sides in the feud. Today, January 9, Wiley’s brother, Cadell, jumps in on a track titled, ‘World War III’, attacking Stormzy. He labels him the ‘King of the industry plants’, in a bid to discredit his authenticity.


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