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Stormey Talks Afeni’s Support Through His Depression, New Tupac Book

Appearing on the Heart of an Outlaw show, Stormey Coleman former member of the Outlawz, spoke about his time with Afeni Shakur and the new Tupac biography written by Kevin Powell.

Right around the time he lnked up with the legendary group, Stormey went through an unimageable time from 2005 – 2011 where he lost four siblings in Chicago. “I couldn’t even explain to you what the pressure of loosing that many people,” explained Stormey. “You can’t help but to think I’m next.”

During these difficult times, Stormey was forever grateful for having the Outlawz in his life. “In that time God gave me the Outlawz. He gave me brothers when I lost brothers, my blood brothers, my family. He put in place at the time I needed it the most — Kastro, E.D.I., Noble and their whole family.”

Along with that family, was Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur, who welcomed Stormey with open arms as the two built a genuine friendship. “The last few years of her life, she invited me out there to heel. She knew what I was going through,” said Stormey. “She was like listen, I love you. You’re here because I love you. She shared a lot with me and I think she brought me out there because I was connected but not too invested sort of speak. And she talked to me a lot. I would sit down with here for hours and hours and we became really close. I am so grateful.”

Remembering the late Afeni Shakur, Stormey was always in awe. “I was like a student. When you’re dealing with that type of intelligence, that kind of mentality and characteristic, she’s just brilliant. She’s one of them people that it could have been Malcom X in the room. It could have been President Obama in the room.”

It could have well been Tupac Shakur, who’s new biography written by Kevin Powell is set to come out next year. Stormey was recently interviewed by Powell for the new book. “It was an honor to talk to him. He called me and we discussed some things. The biography is coming and I hope everyone go and support that because Kevin, if anybody is gonna write a story about Tupac, that’s who should do it. He’s been there the whole ride and he’s a good hearted person.”

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