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Spirit Of An Outlaw Book Arrives, Tupac, Kadafi Friendship Explored

This week, I received my copy of the book ‘Spirit Of An Outlaw: The Untold Story Of Tupac Amaru Shakur and Yaki Kadafi’.

Last year, O4L Online reported that Yaki Kadafi’s mother, Yaasmyn Fula, was starting to write her very own book. This book would be based on the true friendship between her son and Tupac Shakur.

A little over six months later, Yaasmyn released a video on Instagram showing the finished product. Captioning the video with, “The proof is here and it looks fantastic! Preorder your copy of Spirit of an Outlaw: The Untold Story of Tupac Amaru Shakur and Yaki Kadafi Fula from spiritofanoutlaw.com today.”

Spirit Of An Outlaw Shows The Roots Of The Outlawz Music

The release of Spirit Of An Outlaw is significant, because the Outlawz were at the top of the Hip Hop chain. Their history goes beyond music, coming from families of true revolutionaries.

For example, Tupac’s mother, Afeni and stepfather, Mutulu Shakur, were both active members in the Black Panther Party. Yaki Kadafi’s father, Sekou Odinga had involvement with the Organization of Afro-American Unity, founded by Malcolm X. So you can imagine the wealth of knowledge and information passed over from these family members.

Spirit Of An Outlaw
My copy of Spirit Of An Outlaw signed by Yaasmyn Fula

Listening to the Outlawz music, this revolutionary spirit flows throughout, dealing with the many issues facing the world. Go ahead and listen to Yaki Kadafi’s Son Rize Volume 1, Young Noble’s 3rd Eye View and EDI Don’s Hope Dealer projects, to hear the Outlaw spirit.

The package contained Kadafi’s mixtape, Son Rize Volume 1, poster and a copy of the book signed by Yaasmyn. The album and poster already take pride of place, right next to The Hope Dealer 2 album.

Spirit Of An Outlaw
The Hope Dealer 2 & Son Rize Volume 1

I certainly stand by the saying, knowledge is power and reading is one of the greatest ways of gaining knowledge. It’s great that we can learn from great revolutionaries like Afeni and Mutulu Shakur, Jamal Joseph and Yaasmyn Fula. By doing so, we are carrying the legacy of Tupac and Yaki Kadafi on and taking the knowledge, above all, passing it on for future generations.


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