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Spice 1 On Recording With Tupac The Night Before He Was Shot

Legendary rapper Spice 1 visited the LA studio of 93.5 KDAY where he talked about his friendship with Tupac.

Sitting down with host Noah Ayala, Spice 1 talks about the first time he met Tupac after filming Juice. Being a fan of his music, Tupac certainly seemed hyped to see Spice 1, spitting the lyrics to his songs.

Reminiscing on that first encounter, Spice 1 said, “I was trippin’. I think he had a 2Pac hat on, the one with the fist and bow tie and I had a Spice 1 hat. He was like ‘Let me get that hat’, I’m like ‘nah let me get that hat’. I’ve still got the hat that he gave me in my closest.”

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He then reveals that he recorded with Tupac the evening before he went to Vegas for the Tyson fight. The song, titled Fame, featured Spice 1 and Above The Law affiliate Kokane.

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Remembering back to the last time he saw ‘Pac alive, the ‘Trigga Gots No Heart’ rapper laughs as he saw Tupac in police clothes!

“Pac was like ‘go get Koka’. We came back through to the set of the movie he was doing with James Belushi Gang Related. He had police clothes on when I saw him, we all started laughing.”

He speculated that it could have been himself involved in the scuffle and shooting in Vegas and so would of probably ended up in the car with Tupac. Furthermore, Spice 1 suggested if he was there, he would have told Tupac to let the Outlawz deal with the situation.

“I probably would have tried to talk him out of jumping dude and let the Outlawz handle that. They were vicious homies back then, they would have got it in and handled their business. Shoutout to all of the Outlawz and all of the Thug Life cats. To Afeni, ‘Pac’s mom and sister, it’s all love. It’s unfortunate that we lose people like that.”

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