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South Park Features Tupac Hologram In Holiday Special

In a special episode of South Park, the hologram of Tupac appears along Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain.

The episode, entitled ‘#Rehash’, was ninth in the eighteenth series of South Park and was part one of the season finale. Airing on Comedy Central on December 3, 2014, ‘#Rehash’ focuses on internet phenomena and trending topics. Among such topics featured include Iggy Azalea’s spat with Lordie and the Tupac hologram, from Coachella two years previous.

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The episode began with a hologram of Kurt Cobain performing. In the middle of his performance, he loads a shotgun and pulls the trigger, revealing a ‘Merry Christmas’ flag. Tupac’s hologram was activated by Syntech Hologram Company for the sole purpose of capturing the escaped Michael Jackson hologram.

Stealing a car, Tupac’s hologram sleeps with Sharon Marsh, Randy’s wife, in her home. The hologram of Tupac casually strolls downstairs to the beat of ‘California Love’ while smoking a cigarette. Finally, he says to Sharon, “I gotta be leaving now Sharon. I would leave you my number but I’m just a hologram and s**t.”

South Park Took Inspiration From Coachella 2012

Most noteworthy, it was two years before the South Park episode that the world saw Tupac’s hologram for the first time. On April 15th 2012, at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a shirtless Tupac rose up on the stage. After performing Hail Mary, Snoop Dogg joins ‘Pac’s hologram for an astonishing performance of ‘2 of Amerikkaz Most Wanted’. Speaking on the spectacle, Snoop said, “it was all in the spirit of love.

Bringing back the true spirit of one of the greatest hip-hop legends of all time”. Above all, Afeni Shakur also praised the performance of her sons’ virtual appearance saying that it was thrilling yet bittersweet.

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Tupac hologram at Coachella 2012


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