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Tupac Art Inspiration – Tumisang Legobye

On this edition of Tupac Art Inspiration we speak to South African artist Tumisang Legobye, who has been inspired by Tupac and the Outlawz. His artwork caught our eye, especially a great sketch of Tupac and Kadafi. He speaks to O4L Online about Tupac, Kadafi, the Outlawz and his artwork.

O4L Online: On your social media, you describe yourself as having a surrealistic imagination. Can you expand on that for us a little bit?

Basically I like thinking out of the box when it comes to doing artwork. I draw inspiration from all my surroundings and turn that into something mind-blowing and extraterrestrial. That’s why I consider myself as having an surrealistic imagination.

tupac sketch
‘Keep Your Head Up’ Sketch of Tupac by Tumisang

O4L Online: What made you want to draw and become an artist?

I guess it runs in my genes you know, because my late great gran and aunt were also talented .There used to be this other hand-drawn fireman superhero image pasted on the wall. That drawing inspired me to start doing drawings of my own as a kid and my artistry catapulted from there forth.

Art by South African artist Tumisang
Art by Tumisang

O4L Online: You have done some great sketches. In particular, I love the Outlawz cartoon sketch you did with Tupac and Kadafi from the December 1995 photo shoot with Chi Modu. Can you tell us the inspiration behind this sketch?

kadafi tupac art by South African artist
Sketch of Tupac and Yaki Kadafi done by Tumisang

I first saw the image on the late Yaki’s official Instagram profile. As I saw the image, it caught my attention and inspired me to do a sketch as a tribute to the two rap legends, as they are both one of my favorite rappers from the Outlawz group.

kadafi instagram
The post on Yaki Kadafi’s Instagram page, which inspired Tumisang

O4L Online: Given the fact that you produced such a dope sketch of them, I presume you are fan of Tupac and The Outlawz! What are your favorite song’s by them and why?

Yes definitely. I’m a huge fan of ‘Pac and the Outlawz. My favorite songs by them have to be “Me Against The World” and “Letter To The President”. For me, these two songs are still relevant to this day and age. For example, ‘Pac saying “They punish the people that’s asking questions and those that possess steal from the ones without possessions”. On the song ‘Me Against The World’ indicates that in our society. Those who have a higher degree of power still take advantage and oppress those who are labelled as ‘unfortunate’ or ‘impoverished’.

outlawz hit em up
The Outlawz shooting the video to ‘Hit ‘Em Up’

O4L Online: You are clearly very talented when it comes to art. What’s your future plans for your artwork?

My future plans are to finish my first manga comic book that im working on. Also to launch an art blog which will empower and give a platform to young and budding South African artists like me.

O4L Online: Thank you for talking to O4L Online and sharing your artwork with us.

Thank you for having me.

Check out more of Tumisang’s artwork on his Instagram @artistic_tumi


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