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Soulja Boy Talks Drake Following On IG, Says 2019 Is His Year, Talks Tyga

Soulja Boy Says Kayne West Yeezy Sneakers Are Ugly And Over Priced!

Soulja Boy continues his controversial 2019 media run. Next stop, Big Boy Neighborhood in L.A. According to Soulja Boy he has already took over 2019! Despite what many may think, Soulja Boy does have some compassion. He also isn’t afraid to admit if he is wrong or doesn’t have his facts correct.

After claming when he was on The Breakfast Club that Tyga didn’t have a big year. Soulja would explain why he had the come back of 2018. Part of his explanation was a direct hit at Tyga’s previous relationship. Saying that Tyga’s girl was stolen from Travis Scott.

Now after being told on Big Boy Tv that Travis Scott and Tyga’s ex, Kylie Jenner hooked up after they broke up. Soulja Boy went on to admit that he didn’t have his facts straight. But still felt Tyga took an L, “At the end of the day, ain’t nobody take Young Draco girlfriend. Broke up or not. After we break up they just mine for life. They don’t even date no one else.”

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Soulja boy goes on to explain with facts, why he paved the way for Youtubers. Soulja claims people don’t know about what he has accomplished because they don’t like to read and check their history. “It’s in the history books. It’s in the Guinness Book Of World Records,” explains Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy talks his album being done with 13 tracks, Fortnite on his video game console, Kayne West ugly sneakers,


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