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Sossee aka Gutta, Kimani, Breanna Rubio, Lildrift Got Next In The Music Industry

Plus Model Mafia, Lia Liza, Tash Of The Alkaholiks, Kimani, Hayley Foster, Lildrift

On this episode of The Dinner Club we welcome up and coming artists Sossee aka Gutta and Kimani, as well as Tash of the Alkaholiks, Model Mafia and two Models of the Week!

Sossee aka Gutta

The native of Boston now calls Los Angeles home has a very distant sound. Sossee aka Gutta describes her music by whatever type of mood she’s in that day, or perhaps no matter what it’s gonna be angry. “I’m a very moody person, but it’s silent. Or it just depends on what mood I’m in. So if I’m angry that day your gonna get a angry song. If I’m sad that day you’re gonna get an angry song,” explains Gutta.

Sossee also talks linking up with Percy, playing the violin since the age of 5, her project release and what inspired the name Gutta.


Model Mafia

LA Fashion business is Model Mafia’s fourth annual event sponsored by Bentley. Bentley would go on to drop their Bentley Tricycle which is for ages 10 months to five years old. This would prompt Model Mafia (Official Web Site) to open up their program to babies for the first time ever.

With an overwhelming interest with over 200 kids applying, Fashion For Kids was created. Everything from the name to the logo, the kids of Fashion For Kids had 100 percent input with the guidance and direction of Model Mafia.

Also talks how Model Mafia came about and working with Honey Boo Boo.

Tash Of The Alkaholiks

Tash talks about how The Alkaholiks came about and how they got their name. “I’m a tell you the truth, the name The Alkaholiks came from the legendary, King T gave us the name the Alkaholiks. We was called ESP before that.”

“We all had pistols. Drunk as hell. We weren’t into dancing and all that stuff, so we use to just hang on the walls. We use to stand by the walls like this, just hang out. Like twenty people hanging on the wall. And this girl walked up and just said, she said ya’ll not danicing. Ya’ll not doing nothing. Ya’ll just look like a bunch of alcoholics,” explains Tash.

This incident would spark an idea in King T’s head. “After we woke up and everything, King T came up to me and he said, he was like mane we gone change the name. We gone call you the Alkahliks. We was laughing, hell no, what kind name is that. He said listen to me. He said at every party, what do they have?”

Tash also speaks on the East West Coast War, Xzibit, new music and more.

Model Of The Week

This week’s DJ Don Juan’s Model Of The Week is Lia Liza. Lia has been modeling since an early age of nineteen. Although she is versatile in Modeling, Lia list beauty modeling at the top. “Lately I’ve been into make up brands, so beauty modeling. The face. I love getting a nice good beat on my face. And to be working with some of my favorite beauty brands is a blessing,” explains Lia Liza.

Aside from the Modeling, Lia is also a singer, which to her is her first passion. “It’s hard for people to grasp the concept that you’re able to different things. They try to put you in a box. Like there is no box, I do it all,” says Lia.

Lia also talks about how she got into the business, best market for a model in her opinion and has she ever dated a celebrity.


Up and coming artist, Kimani from Kingston, Jamaica stops by. Although he came on to the scene with ‘Wine Pon Me’, Kimani is looking to do more than just dancehall music. “To be honest with my work I’m trying to be as versatile as possible. I’m trying to go to like R&B, pop,” explains Kimani.

The 23 year old is only getting started as he has recorded music professionally for just a year. Don’t let that fool you, as his music is already coming across as very polish for a new artist. This is quite evident on his new music dropping soon. Be on the look out for Kimani and subscribe to his official YouTube channel here. Also via his Instagram @thewestindianpapi.

Hayley Foster

The New York native, Hayley Foster , is our second Model Of The Week. “I do or sorts of stuff from swim to lingerie, to more commercial like Smiley stuff. I do like some junior stuff, wedding,” says Hayley.

Signed to multiple agencies from NY, L.a to London, Hayley’s career highlight thus far has been working with Express, Forever 21 and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Hayley has done print and runway modeling. As well as New York Fashion Week twice, but her key to success is not taking anything for granted ever. “For me my fuel comes from, I am a curving model and that wasn’t always excepted,” explains Hayley. “Just representing those girls in the middle. Showing young girls that I didn’t really have those role models too. That they can be exactly how they are and that you don’t have to change for anybody and you can still be successful.”

Breanna Rubio

Hailing from Denver Colorado, Breanna Rubio has been doing music since she was four years old. “I knew it was my passion from the start so I’ve just been pursing it, grinding and yeah, I love it so much,” says Breanna.

Rubio also talks about her new single ‘Turn Me Up’ and connecting with Tyga.

At the time of the recording, July 22, Breanna Rubio new single ‘Turn Me up’ featuring Tyga had yet be

(Bonus Feature) Lildrift

Lildrift comes through with new music, closing off the show with some real engery!

“Well Ima keep it real when it comes to making music, I finna want to touch every type of person. Lately I’m just turnt up.” – Lildrift


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