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Snoop Says Tupac Always Had The Best Records, Hottest Songs

Snoop Dogg appearing on The Breakfast Club this morning, August 21, was asked about Glasses Malone’s comments about Snoop being greater than Tupac Shakur.

After releasing his controversial song ‘2pac Must Die‘, Malone appeared on The Breakfast Club where he claimed Snoop was greater than Tupac.

The debate of Snoop vs Tupac came about 33 minutes in the interview with Malone. Charlmagne kicks off by saying, “I didn’t this interview, but it says you was with Jumper. (Watch the interview here) And you said Snoop Dogg is responsible for the way the public views Tupac and Tupac was never close to Snoop’s status. Why would you say such a lie like that, G.”

Glasses Malone response to Charlmagne is by asking, “who was the ni**a in the rap game?” Malone continues by stating, “there was no bigger rapper than Snoop Dogg.”

Fast forward to today’s interview with Snoop Dogg, Charlmagne asked Snoop about the comments, “He said from 92 to 96 Snoop was a bigger star than Pac and it wasn’t even close.”

“Well you gotta understand that you know, coming from the west its a different perspective than what cha’ll had out here in the east. Because at one point in time, you gotta look at it like, where Tupac was at. He was at Interscope and they really wasn’t pushing him and giving him that, his records was always dope as f**k. He always had the best records, the hottest songs. But if his label wasn’t giving him the attention and the push that Death Row had. Team and a support that we had,” explains Snoop.

“In my eyes he was always big as me or bigger than me. He was out before me. You hear what I’m saying. He was my peer but at the same time it was a level of respect. It was never about me being bigger than him and me bigger than him,” says Snoop.

Snoop has made it very public recently about being responsible for Tupac coming to Death Row records. He would reiterate those claims once again on the Breakfast Club, “I actually got him to Death Row records. Suge go get cuz he need to be with us. He need a team.”

“I’m working on the Dogg Father, but Dogg Father can wait… This gon get us a Championship. The Dogg Father may get us to the playoffs but this gon get us a championship” – Snoop

Not only deep Snoop play a big role in Tupac coming to Death Row, but Snoop also says he was ok with taking a back seat to Tupac. “So I’m telling Suge we need to put cuz on our team. So when Suge gon make the deal happen to get him with us. I stepped and played the back seat. Death Row was mine. It was my ship. I moved out the way. Told my little cousin Daz, hook cuz up, give him all the beats you was gon give me.”

Snoop wasnt the only one who welcomed Tupac with open arms. According to Snoop, Dr. Dre gave Tupac ‘California Love’ which was origionally for a Dr. Dre solo. (Listen to the solo version here.) “Dre gave him California Love. California Love was Dres song. Whole song. Gave him that. We catered to cuz, because we loved him. We are fans of him and happy hes on our team.”

Snoop goes on to explain how him and Tupac had a releationship before Death Row records, “Suge and Tupac had no relationship before Death Row. He was my friend. Yeah, know that. then they became friends, because Suge was the boss and thats what Suge do. He treat you like a king.”

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“So when he get out, he coming to court with my everyday. Me and him bonding. We becoming best of friends. We becoming military minded. Thug Life DPGC we becoming brothers now. Now its like theres nothing you can do to break our bond and we even.

When speaking of ‘2pac Must Die’, Snoop had this to say, “That’s his perspective. You know when you’re from the streets, you got different perspectives on what really happen and what really went down. Nobody told that story. I wouldn’t have told it but we knew that story. I knew Baby Lane (Orlando Anderson).

Snoop reveals that Malone reached out to him about helping with the promotion of the song. “He reached out to me as far as being part of the promotion but I was like I was doing my thing so I couldn’t really get wit him. I was focusing on my record.”

“I was like Ima just leave it alone so that way when I do support him it would be genuine. Don’t want to be a part of whatever he is doing. Just wanna hear what he’s doing then I’ll put my input in based off of me hearing what he’s doing,” continued Snoop.


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