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Snoop Recalls Tupac and Nas NY Incident on ‘Untold Stories Of Hip Hop’

From iconic rap verses to historic artist beefs, Untold Stories of Hip Hop is set to change Hip Hop history forever. Tupac and Nas incident is no different.

Hosted by Angie Martinez, Untold Stories of Hip Hop, features the legendary radio host as she sits with Hip Hop royalty. These iconic figures in Hip Hop reveal never before told stories.

In this particular clip released by WE TV, Snoop Dogg recalls of a time Tupac and Nas faced off in New York. The incident occurred at the after party of the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards.

The “Untold” Has Been Told

The incident has already been told from Nas himself and ‘Untold Stories of Hip Hop’ host Angie Martinez spoke of it in her book. Nas recalled facing off with Tupac with Julio G of 93.5 KDAY in 2006. Reflecting back on that day, Nas says “Tupac must have been going though a lot”.

“He saw me and I saw him, and he had a bunch of people with him. I had a bunch of people with me and it could’ve went either way, cause at the time the tensions was so high. I knda felt like I was the New York dude at the time, you know. It was my duty to see what was going on,” explained Nas

Nas going on to explain Tupac had issues with Mobb Depp. That was quite evident, given the fact that Tupac had dissed Mobb Deep on ‘Hit Em up‘. Although, Nas and Tupac both went at it on wax, Nas claims Tupac told him that it wasn’t never suppose to end up like that. Nas also stated that Tupac told him he would take off the Nas diss on the Makaveli album.

Snoop Dogg had also retold his side of the story and what he felt happened that night in New York.

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An Outlaw Perspective

Different accounts of the story has shown some holes in perhaps what really happened. Napoleon, former member of the Outlawz, had his own version of the story and expressed his confusion when hearing Snoop making it seem like Tupac was outnumbered.

According to Napoleon, Snoop was at the after party, but not around when the actual face off between Tupac and Nas occurred. “He must have forgot. He definitely forgot because I had about, from my hood alone, it was at least 30-40-50 of us and we came with guns. We gave bags of guns to Suge and Death Row,” says Napoleon.

“If you listen to an interview I did with Reggie, he was head of security of Death Row he would tell you,” said Napoleon.

Is Snoop Dogg Lying Again?

On the first episode, Snoop Dogg tells Angie Martinez about the Tupac and Nas face off. “Tupac got the whole Death Row. We’re riled up. I step away from him. Him and Nas right here – boom! Nas like, “Wassup Pac? I love your music, I’m a fan.” Guess what Pac say? [He said,] “Well ni**a, if you a fan – I dissed you, Jay-Z, Biggie.” He named off a gang of motherf***ers. [Pac added,] “I dissed all you motherf***ers on a song, and if you a fan and you ain’t got no beef, don’t say nothing.” And Nas said, “I love you. I’ll never diss you.” And he shook his hand and hugged him. When he walked off, Pac said, “Yeah, I punked that ni**a.” In my mind, I was like, nah, he let us slide ’cause Nas had more ni**as than we did.”

Snoop Dogg has retold many Tupac stories throughout his media run to promote his new album. Snoop has taken credit for Tupac joining Death Row records and also claimed he was responsible for a Tupac cutout that was on stage at the 1995 Source Awards.

Former head of security for Death Row records, Reggie Wright Jr., has publicly stated that both of these claims by Snoop Dogg are false. In an interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Reggie saif was Snoop said was a straight up lie.

Reggie Wright Jr. with good reason claims Snoop is a liar about taking credit for the Tupac cutout at the Source Awards. Why? Well for the simple reason that Reggie was there when Suge made the call for the cutout!

Untold Stories of Hip Hop Episode 1

‘Untold Stories of Hip Hop’ is looking to change the history of Hip Hop forever with these exclusive “untold stories”. Let just hope this isn’t going to be an attempt by some to rewrite Hip Hop history.

Untold Stories of Hip Hop premieres on Thursday, September 26 at 10/9c via WE TV.


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