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Snoop Lies About Tupac Cardboard Cutout At 1995 Source Awards

Snoop Dogg who was recently interviewed by The Breakfast Club where he took credit for the Tupac cardboard cutout at the 1995 Source Awards.

“If you notice the Source Awards when we all performed at that night when Snoop said all that and Suge said all that, it was a manikin or a poster of Tupac in cell. Everybody had a cell. Tupac’s shit was in the cell but he wasn’t even on Death Row. He wasn’t even a thought of a bill on Death Row,” explains Snoop.

Snoop would then take credit, “That was me saying I want cuz to be with us. I want New York to see that we got cuz back, cause we was hearing stories about things that was happening to him in jail and we couldn’t do nothing to help him.”

Former Death Row head of security Reggie Wright Jr. interviewed by The Art Of Dialogue, says Snoop is a liar. Recalling that it was Suge Knight’s idea in the first place. “Man I don’t know what’s wrong with Dogg, but he just making up shit.”

Reggie Wright Jr. with good reason claims Snoop is a liar about taking credit for the Tupac cutout at the Source Awards.

Why? Well for the simple reason that Reggie was there when Suge made the call for the cutout! “I was with Suge when he came up with that idea. But I remember Suge on the phone talking to his assistant Roy at the office and was like “man yeah I need a big ol’ cardboard picture of Pac, cause now we agreed on principal, and he gon sign with Death Row when he come home.”

Suge Knight at the 1995 Source Awards
Suge Knight at the 1995 Source Awards

Reggie continues, “I want these motherf**kas from New York know that Pac wit us now. I’ma put a big ol’ picture of him in a cell on the stage. This gon be sitting on a chair or something, inside the cell block. So everybody would now that Pac is now with Death Row.” He was saying that on the way, as soon as he walked out the prison. That was like the first call he made to his office.”

Reggie remembers this day vividly, to the point of him and Suge walking from Madison Square Garden to the Fedex store to pick up the Tupac cutout poster. “Now to be honest it wasn’t ready yet and it wasn’t there, so I don’t know who eventually picked it up.”

This wouldn’t be the first time, Reggie checked Snoop for lying. Snoop appeared on Big Boy Tv where he took credit for Tupac joining Death Row records. “I’m the reason why Tupac was on Death Row. I told Suge go get Tupac. I’m the reason for a lot of things that happened cause I was the one that always to speak up. Nah that ain’t right. Nah I ain’t wit that. Even when Pac and Biggie was into it. I would tell Pac, nah cuz, that ain’t cool. He don’t want none,” said Snoop on Big Boy TV.

Tupac Cardboard Cutout at the 1995 Source Awards
Tupac cardboard cutout @ 1995 Source Awards

Reggie would go on to claim Snoop was lying and that it was Tupac’s ex-wife, Keisha Morris who played a huge role in Tupac joining Death Row records. The full story and interview with the Art of Dialogue can be seen here.

Reggie Wright Jr. also talks about the infamous Suge Knight speech at the 1995 Source Awards. Watch below for another exclusive by Mr. Exclusive, The Art Of Dialogue!


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