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Snoop Dogg Shares Photo Of Tupac As Lakers Win Game 4

Snoop Dogg woke up Wednesday morning like its 1996 all over again. The Dogg father shared a throwback photo of himself and the late Tupac Shakur, as the Lakers are one win away from their 17th championship ring.

Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat 102-96, as they tighten up their defense on the Heat. Anthony Davis played a key role in that defense, cooling down the Heat’s small forward Jimmy Butler.

One of the Lakers biggest fans, Snoop Dogg couldn’t help but to reflect on his Death Row records days with label mate Tupac Shakur. The throwback photo of himself and Shakur stemmed from the MTV Video Music Awards held on September 4th, 1996. (Also view: Tupac Death Row East At The 1996 MTV Video Music Awards.)

In this particular photo, Shakur is seen flashing his rolex watch, bracelets, and rings. With that photo came the caption by Snoop Dogg saying, “Lebron. N. A. D. Getting ready for them rings like snoop n Pac 96👊🏾✨💜💛💜💛1 mo game 2go🗣🗣.”

Tupac and Snoop Dogg were on top of the Hip Hop world in the mid nineties. Featured on Shakur’s debut album on Death Row records, Snoop appeared on the hit single ‘2 Of Amerika’s Most Wanted’.

Lakers are set to win another ring as they face off against the Heat in Game 5 on Friday October 9th.


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