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Snoop Dogg Says “2Pac Is More Relevant Than Ever”

Snoop Dogg appeared on Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio as he spoke about the current protests, police brutality, and the impact of 2Pac in 2020.

As many protesters around the world fight for racial equality and compact the abuse of police officers, 2Pac’s words of wisdom has been prominent. Recently this past week, Ari Melber of MSNBC highlighted Shakur’s interviews in a segment titled ‘So Many Tears’, where he spoke about same social issues twenty-five years ago. [Watch the special report here.]

Shakur’s impact can be heard throughout the protests not only in the United States but all over the world. Various videos surfacing online as protests sing-along and dance in unity to songs such as ‘Changes’ and ‘Keep Ya Head Up’.


Host of Young Money Radio, Lil Wayne, would ask the Dogg father, about his former label mate, “Being the son of a black panthers and political activist, Pac often spoke on racial issues, how relevant is his music today?”

Aside from 2Pac’s music heard world wide throughout protests, his 1998 hit ‘Changes’ from Shakur’s ‘Greatest Hits’ album re-entered the iTunes Top 100, climbing to as high as number 25 this past week.

“Its more relevant than ever, and when he spoke it a lot of people looked at him crazy because he had a militant mind,” Snoop Said. “He had a mind that was a head of his time.”

Snoop Dogg also shared what he learned from 2Pac after joining Death Row records. “When I got with him he taught me like military. It was certain things that we talked about where he was like we’re military. I don’t talk to your soldiers and you don’t talk to my soldier. I talk to you and you talk to your solider. He implemented that.”


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