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Snoop Dogg Meeting Tupac For The First Time, Squashing Beef With Suge Knight

Snoop Dogg appeared on “Crook’s Corner” where he spoke about various topics. One of those topics was Snoop Dogg’s first meeting with Tupac and squashing his beef with Suge Knight.

During the interview with Crook’s Corner via HipHopDX, Snoop previewed new music off his new album ‘I Wanna Thank Me‘. Part of the album is a song where the Hip Hop icon, Snoop pays respect to the former Death Row records owner, Suge Knight.

“You can see it right? You can see all the good times we had instead of the bad times. Don’t want to showcase that. Showcase the great times and the greatness of this. He’s the reason the music industry is like it is, on the positive side, like ni**as being CEOs and having their own sh*t, and being able to do your thing. Wasn’t nobody able to do that before Suge Knight. He showed ni**as a different mentality that you can be the owner, you can be the boss. So you gotta highlight that, or they’ll never highlight it. They’ll take credit for that too. ‘Cause it’s real love,” Snoop Dogg explains.

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According to Snoop Dogg paying homage to Suge Knight will shock everyone, but to Snoop he never hated Suge. Even through all Snoop endured during his last days with Death Row records and after leaving the label. Snoop says it’s not him to feel that hate.

Snoop Dogg Suge Knight Tupac on the cover of NY Times Magazine

Snoop Dogg also talks Tupac first joining Death Row records and welcoming Tupac with open arms. “We just want you to win”, says Snoop Dogg.

Explaining his with Tupac, Snoop Dogg stated that they would often have a light clash, but the clash would always be funny. “It would never be too serious where we be fighting,” says Snoop.

Tupac’s work ethic is well documented. So is the impact it had on other artists in Death Row records. “He would tell ni**as don’t listen to the record too long. Cause before he got there we use to listen to a record for a week. That ni**a would make a record and be like aight we heard it, move on to the next one,” explains Snoop.

Crooked I recalls walking into Tupac and Snoop Dogg recording the song for the St. Ides commercial. At that moment Crooked I gained inspiration and realized that anything is possible. “I was like damn, I can’t believe this sh*t. It took my mind to a whole ‘nother place, like maybe you can make it one day, look at these ni**as,” Crooked I reminisces.


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