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Snoop Dogg Brings Back Tupac For New Music Video

Snoop Dogg is getting ready to drop a new music video for “I C Your Bullsh*t”, which appears on his latest studio album “I Wanna Thank Me”. With the help of Corridor Digital, Tupac Shakur will be resurrected through technology in the video.

The outcome will have a deepfake Tupac inserted into the infamous 1996 final MTV interview of the rap icon.

Back on September 4, 1996, the MTV Video Music Awards was held at Radio City Hall in New York. In attendance that night was Tupac and Snoop Dogg, despite the tensions between Death Row records and Bad Boy records.

“We are business men. We are not animals. It’s not like we gonna see them, and rush them, and jump on them. If they see us, and they want drama, then we definitely gon bring it like only Death Row could bring it. But we here as business men to enjoy, and support the MTV Video Music Awards,” said Tupac during the interview.

Snoop Dogg Brings Back Tupac For New Music Video

The interview would be Tupac’s last, as he was shot three days later on the Vegas strip after the Mike Tyson boxing fight.

Now over twenty years later, Snoop Dogg would like to recreate that moment while having Tupac sing along to the lyrics of his new song. To accomplish this, Corridor Digital would go on to create an AI creation using high quality photos and videos.

“So long story short Jesse Welle, who is a good friend of ours, and Snoop Dogg are working on a new music video, and they have an idea. That is to take a classic clip from the video music awards from the nineties from MTV, where Snoop Dogg and Tupac are sitting side-by-side,” explains Niko, VFX artist.

Another piece of the puzzle, is Tupac impersonator Josh Harraway. Not many know that it was Harraway who played the role of Tupac in the 2012 Coachella Tupac hologram.

“They want me to take that clip and make Tupac lip sing to the new song Snoop is making,” says Niko. No pressure right? Well, yes! According to Niko, yes he has to make sure he can pull this off for one of Hip Hop‘s biggest stars in Snoop Dogg, but more importantly for his friend Jake, who is a huge Tupac fan.

Jake, producer for Corridor Digital, grew up in Minnesota hearing Tupac Shakur. “You can ask anyone I know back then, but I was a very very big Tupac fan,” says Jake.

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After seeing a preview of the finished product, Snoop Dogg is feeling it all the way, “So cold. That’s so cold. That’s hard as f*** Jess. That’s too much.”

No word yet on when Snoop Dogg will release the music video for “I C Your Bullshit“.


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