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Slowthai Brings Out Fake Severed Head Of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

UK rapper Slowthai shocks the audience as he brought out the fake severed head of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Slowthai, nominated for the Mercury Prize for his debut album ‘Nothing Great About Britain’, is originally from Northampton. The prestigious annual prize is awarded to the artist who’s judged to of released the best album by a British or Irish act.

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Invited to perform a song off his nominated debut album, Slowthai chose the lead single titled ‘Doorman’. As he walked out onto the stage, Slowthai held the fake head up and shouted “F* Boris.” During his politically charged performance, the UK emcee took his hoodie off to reveal a t-shirt that also read ‘F* Boris’.


The day after the awards, Slowthai took to social media venting the frustration of the British people. Furthermore, he told the public that he does not condone any type of violence. “Last night I held a mirror up to this country and some people don’t like its reflection,” Slowthai began. “Yet this is exactly where we’re taken, cut off and at all costs. The people in power who are trying to isolate and divide us aren’t the ones who will feel its effects the hardest. They’re not the ones queuing at the food banks, not the ones navigating Universal Credit and not the ones having to deal with systematic oppression and hate crimes at the hands of privileged politicians who say what they want without fear and consequence.”

The Views Of Slowthai Echoed Across Britain

Just a week after Slowthai’s performance, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Manchester in protest against austerity. Manchester was the chosen place for Boris Johnson and the Conservative party to hold their conference. Marchers banged drums and chanted ‘Tories out’ and ‘Boris Johnson, shame on you’ as they headed through the city. The Conservative Party held their conference at Manchester Central, where many of the protesters voiced their opinions outside.

Although inside, party members maybe weren’t so enthusiastic about discussing the real problems that the country faces. Instead, some decided to take a nap, with others on phones in their own world. This at a time of uncertainty, austerity and worry for British people, certainly adds even more fuel to the fire. Hip-hop’s foundation is the principle of the oppressed having a voice. As a result Slowthai and thousands of others are speaking on the real issues that the Government seems like they can’t deal with?


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