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Slim Shady Raps Police Brutality, Trump, Face Masks On Kid Cudi Collab

The much anticipated collaboration ‘The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady’ between Eminem and Kid Cudi dropped Friday June 10. In the new collab Slim Shady takes aim at Trump, crooked cops, and those who oppose face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Back with his lyrical assault, Eminem is shying away, as he gives his thoughts about the current times we live in.

Clearly Slim Shady isn’t a fan of those opposing to wear face masks in public. “Don’t wanna wear a mask and they’re just scoffing / And that’s how you end up catching the sh-t off ’em / I just used the same basket as you shopping / Now I’m in a f–kin’ casket from you coughin’,” Eminem raps.


Both George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are also mentioned in the verse, as Em questions the world and its “dirty cops”, “Prayers to George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery / How the f–k is it that so many cops are dirty? / Stop, man, please, officer, I’m sorry / But I can’t breathe when I got you on top of me
Your goddamn knee’s on my carotid artery.”

Slim Shady aka Eminem

Eminem also took aim at NFL Quarterback Drew Bees who back in June endured backlash for comments when he said, “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America.” Although, Bees later apologized, Slim Shady included him in the verse.

“I had hoop dreams, now I shoot 3s. / Got a lil’ green, but I don’t do weed Purp nor lean, that’s Tunechi. / That’s New Orleans, F*** Drew Brees.”

Moonman and Slim Shady

And, who can forget Slim Shady’s favorite in President Donald Trump and the oval office. Referring to them as “hald-wits”. “Bunch of half-wits up in office / Half of us walking around like a zombie apocalypse.”

The collaboration between Eminem and Kid Cudi might not have happened if it wasn’t for Lil Wayne. After Cudi tweeted he needed Em’s help, Lil Wayne would ask Eminem about the tweet during an interview on Young Money Radio. Good thing Wayne asked, because Eminem never knew about the tweet from Cudi. More on this story here: Lil Wayne Helped To Connect Eminem And Kid Cudi


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