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Slim 400 Insist On Having His Album Released… And It Will!

Overcoming hurdles isn’t new to Compton Hip Hop artist Slim 400, but when it came to releasing his project ‘Shake Back’ asap, the green light was given with ease.

Coming off his 2019 release with ‘High Off TTreez’ which featured Celly Ru, Twista, and Lil Yachty; Slim 400 will showcase his growth not only in music, but life in general.

It was too long ago that Slim 400 was shot on June 28th in Compton. The Hip Hop artist was left in serious condition, undergoing surgery for the multiple shots he endured.

Slim 400 Insist On Having His Album Released... And It Will!
Slim 400 (Photo by @picoshaw)

Close friend YG was by his side, as Slim thankfully recovered from the horrific incident. Although he lost his hearing on left ear, Slim 400 is thankful to be alive.

After taking the first 3-4 shots and hitting the ground, all slim 400 could think about was his family. “I was out. I was myself. I’m not htinking ambulance, I’m not thinking none of that,” said Slim 400 during his No Jumper interview.

“Damn my daughter. Damn I can’t see Paris [Slim’s daughter]. Damn is it over? Then my mamma came to my thoughts. So my family rushed into my brain.

With this latest project, the Compton native surely has enough content to speak on, as he already released the single ‘Who Hate’n’. Releasing the music video as Slim is seen caution of his surroundings.

Eager to release ‘Shake Back’, Slim addressed his label EMPIRE, in hopes to have the pre-order asap. Confirming the approval from the label, Slim posted the cover for the album, with the following caption, “Told the label I wanna drop my preorder today Byeee.”

Pre-order’s are availble for Apple Music and Spotify platforms via empire.ffm.to/shakeback.

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Slim 400 Insist On Having His Album Released... And It Will!


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