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Shawn Spears Explains What Went Wrong With The Chair Shot To Cody

AEW wrestler Shawn Spears talks about his infamous chair shot to Cody, which left Rhodes in a bloody mess at Fyter Fest.

Making the transition from WWE to AEW, has been a chance for new beginnings for the Canadian star. According to Spears it was all about a fresh start, “It was a chance to start fresh. Get out of the mental rout that I was in at the time.”

With that fresh start came a match with Cody Rhodes at AEW’s Fyter Fest in 2019. A moment in his early AEW career that instantly made Spears an unforgettable onscreen character. “The chair shot to the head was what put me on the map in that company at that time as a monster villain,” said Spears during his interview with Chris Van Vliet.

Shawn Spears Explains What Went Wrong With The Chair Shot To Cody

It wasn’t necessarily the idea of the chair shot, it was the accidental placement of the chair shot. “Its funny because if the chair was gimmicked, then nothing would have went wrong. So, clearly the chair wasn’t fully gimmicked. Its a steel chair,” explains Shawn Spears. “It was just one of those things where a fraction of centimeter was off.”

“Either I was too far away. Even Cody said, ‘I leaned in too much’. No it’s no one’s really fault. It was a moment in time, it’s what we did. I swung for the fences, he leaned in. And, it was just that one little bit that caught him.”

That fraction of a centimeter resulted in twelve stitches on the back of Cody’s head. Thankfully Cody did not suffer a concussion from the chair shot.

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