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Season Ticket Holder, Dwyane Wade Makes Rap Debut

Retired NBA legend Dwyane Wade makes his debut in the Hip Hop music industry as he is featured on Rick Ross’s new song “Season Ticket Holder”.

This wouldn’t be the first time Ross and Wade teamed up, connecting on various business ventures in the past. But, this time around, D. Wade is focusing on being an artist in the world of Hip Hop.

Appearing on the track Raphael Saadiq, and Udonis Haslem on the intro and interlude. Produced by two time Grammy nominated, Sap.

Season Ticket Holder, Dwyane Wade Makes Rap Debut

I’m the son of a saint, still considered a sinner
Three rings on his finger, yeah, that boy was a winner
Never known as a singer but this might be a single
Always bet on your homies, then go buy the casino
Ball is my passion, check my stats if they askin’
Shawty checkin’ my page, she follow my fashion
My life is a film and Gab’s the lead
She’s so precious to me, as the air that I breathe
Time to fuel up the jet, D-Wade jersey the drip
Lamborghini’s to match, got Guccis on the strip
These haters beneath us as I’m lacin’ my sneakers
Season sixteen, Lamborghinis and Neimans – D. Wade verse on “Season Ticket Holder”

No word yet how far D. Wade is taking his new career, but as expected, he has faced criticism all over social media.


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