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Sean T On Meeting Tupac At ’93 Jack The Rapper

In an interview with Thizzler TV , Rapper Sean T speaks on the time he met Tupac Shakur and explains why he considers Tupac a prophet.

Reminiscing back to 1993, when Sean T first met Tupac at the annual Jack the Rapper Convention in Atlanta, where the largest Hip-Hop gatherings in the world often took place.

On the night Death Row Records attended, as did Luke Records. The two record labels were beefing over a few tracks released by Luke Records taking aim at Death Row, including ‘Cowards Of Compton’. Entourages from both labels ended up brawling in the lobby of the hotel.

With major rappers in attendance, it attracted a huge crowd and many women throwing themselves at the celebrities. Sean T recalls relaxing in the hotel with his entourage when somebody wearing a bandanna across their face walked in. At first Sean T did not know that it was Tupac Shakur. According to Sean T, Tupac wore the bandanna to avoid the many woman that were seeking his attention that night. Recognizing that he wanted to keep a low profile, Sean invites him to sit down with them. “So he sits down and he took the bandana off and I’m like ‘oh okay sh** it’s ‘Pac,” says Sean T.

Sean T
Tupac & Treach attend the Jack The Rapper Convention

Tupac would then ask Sean to roll him some weed in the hotel lobby. ‘Pac proceeded to ask which one of them was Sean T. With Sean identifying himself, Tupac mentioned he saw promotional stickers with Sean’s name all all over the hotel walls. Tupac told him that his album was tight and he liked the cover art for it. The two rappers talked about working together in the future.

Sean T

Tupac Wanted Sean T To Produce His Albums

Two years passed before they came into contact with each other again. Working on All Eyez On Me, ‘Pac thought of Sean, calling him asking him to produce a song. Tupac wanted Sean T to fly to Los Angeles immediately to work on the song. Unfortunately, Sean couldn’t make it due to family commitments and having a one-year-old baby. That wouldn’t stop ‘Pac from making it happen, suggesting to Sean T to bring the baby with him. Sean denied the offer, but Tupac understanding that family came first for Sean, ‘Pac said that he’ll get him on his next project.

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Finding out from plans for the Makaveli album, Tupac kept his word, listing Sean T as a producer. When speaking to ‘Pac, Sean T saw the revolutionary spirit that he had. He said, “when I sat down and talked with ‘Pac, I knew off top he was real genuine and real about the movement, the revolution and the Black Panther all of that. Everything like poetry, the movement as far as how America was going. I always saw ‘Pac like a prophet to me, like he seemed like he was going do some bigger things than just rap.” He then suggests the powers that be didn’t want Tupac around because of how powerful his mouthpiece was.

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Later in the interview, Sean T remembers the moment he heard of ‘Pac’s passing. He recalls being in the studio recording an album, when news of his passing reached him. He details how a female who Tupac was affiliated with was in the studio with him at the time. She got a call telling her about what happened. Passing the news to Sean, she immediately left the studio to head to Las Vegas.


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