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San Antonio Artist Rob The Original Creates Outdoor Tribute To Tupac

Artist Rob ‘The Original’ Ferrel created a spectacular Tupac portrait out of cement, honoring the Hip Hop icon.

Last week, artist Rob The Original took his passion for creating portraits to the outdoors. He created a tribute to Tupac near to Hays Street Bridge in San Antonio.

Rob The Original doesn’t over complicate his art, preferring to stick with basic materials he uses as tools. Arming himself with a menudo can, Rob pierced holes in the bottom and filled it with dry masonry cement. Working against the wind, Ferrel kept his menudo can close to the ground so the powder wouldn’t blow away.

rob the original

Growing up, Rob find inspiration and motivation through Tupac’s music. “I grew up listening to him through every struggle I went through, drug stages, depression, being broke. Growing up, I had a pretty rough life; Tupac and the Outlawz were who I always listened to.”

Rob’s creative mind also shines through into his profession. He styles haircuts with portraits of celebrities specifically carved to the sharpest detail. Some of the celebrities requested were Tupac Shakur, Kim Kardashian and a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

Last year, Rob’s barbering skills were recognized at the American Influencer Awards, winning ‘Barber of the Year’ in L.A. He considers this a huge achievement, starting his career in the South Side of San Antonio.

While Rob The Original was creating the portrait, drone photographer Gabriel Chavez captured him in action. When posted to Instagram, it grabbed the attention of Tupac’s close friend’s and members of his group the Outlawz.

Young Noble described it as “Amazing”, while the official Outlawz Instagram compared him to a modern day Picasso. Tupac’s former Death Row label mate, Snoop Dogg, gave his appreciation saying, “U so dope.”

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Furthermore, 23 years after the death of Biggie Smalls, Rob The Original created a portrait of him from salt. The video shows him detailing the Brooklyn rapper, together with his trademark Homburg Hat.


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