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Sacramento Inspired By Keep Ya Head Up Tupac Art

The streets of Sacramento now has its own piece of Tupac art with an uplifting message, Keep Ya Head Up!

Sacramento-based artist and self-proclaimed Tupac fan, Jolene Russell, specializes in chalk art and portraits. After producing signage for a local Sacramento business, the talented artist went onto make many other businesses logos in the area.

For Jolene and many like-minded artists, the coronavirus crisis has taken hold. Consequently, with art events postponed, it therefore adding to the frustration even more. Due to this, online art communities suggested doing street art in front of their homes.


In these uncertain times we are currently experiencing, Jolene, above all, wanted to spread a bit of positivity throughout Sacramento community. Most noteworthy, similarly to the spirit of Italians with their kindhearted singalongs, the talented artist came up with an idea.

tupac art

“I started to think about what I would want to see if I were walking around in my own neighborhood. The thing that kept coming back to me was, keep your head up, this is going to end at some point. Everything is going to be okay at some point,” Russell said. “I love doing portraits and I love Tupac. So I figured I’d put those two things together and make a piece in my driveway.”

Tupac Art Helping To Raise Funds In Coronavirus Crisis

After a six-hour session on her alkali flat driveway, the result of her idea was for all to see. A chalk pastel version of the Hip Hop icon, Tupac Shakur, smiling and centered around the title of his song, ‘Keep Ya’ Head Up’.

Jolene posted the Tupac art on her Instagram page with an inspiring caption. “My first street painting of 2020 I did in my driveway. 7×7 feet, about 6 hours. I kept thinking, ‘What message would I want to see if I were out walking in my neighborhood today?’ Keep ya head up.”

tupac art
Jolene’s Tupac stickers on sale with proceeds going to the COVID-19 Crisis Fund

After the Tupac art went online, Jolene received positive feedback and applause, certainly lifting the local community. As a result, a friend suggested to combine her talent with fundraising to help combat the coronavirus crisis.

Jolene transferred her brilliant and inspiring Tupac street painting onto 4” waterproof vinyl stickers. Described on her website as “A little inspiration from Tupac, on a sticker”, the stickers are also UV resistant. Finally, any profit made from sales will go to to Crisis Aid International’s COVID-19 Crisis Fund.


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