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Ryback Reveals His Dream WWE, AEW Opponents

Appearing on Chris Van Vliet‘s podcast, the big guy, Ryback reveals who he would like to work with in wrestling. As he sets his eyes on a return to wrestling in 2020, Ryback has dream opponents lined up in both AEW and WWE.

“There’s so many options out there. I still keep up and watch everything,” says Ryback. “There’s so many talented wrestlers out there, on both promotions, with the two big ones I guess. All the others Ring Of Honor, Impact, New Japan, there’s a lot of talent of out there.”

“The match-up I like the leas for me is wrestling the bigger guys, because it’s physical harder on my body. Like the Big Show, the Mark Henrys, and the Kanes, because those guys are giants. There’s not a lot of those guys around anymore.”

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Even though Ryback is not a fan of wrestling bigger wrestlers, he isn’t going to leave money on the table. Some of the bigger wrestlers today, have the potential to draw big money with. “I’ve always said the Brock match-up would always be one. Braun, he would be a fun one. There’s Bobby Lashley,” says Ryback. “I think there’s people who like those kind of match-ups.”

The most ideal option for a return would be with AEW. Ryback has always expressed his negative feelings about the WWE when it comes to the politics and their creative process. Also, Ryback has a lot going for himself nowadays and a demanding schedule is not something that intrigues him. “AEW, everything with Moxley, Kenny Omega, those guys. Cody, Jericho. I’ve wrestled those guys already. Moxley too when he was with the shield a lot. Always had great chemistry with him I thought.”

Ryback and Dean Ambrose
Ryback and Dean Ambrose

For the moment it’s all about getting healthy again. “It’s just a matter of getting healthy. I gotta be able to apply myself physically and mentally time wise. And, I will say I would never want to return to a four or five days a week,” explains Ryback. “When I am healthy, and when I know I will be able to be available, I will pick up the phone and make a phone call. I will see, and we’ll go from there.”


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