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Royal Rumble 2019 Surprise Entrance Predictions!

Top 4 Royal Rumble 2019 Surprise Entrants

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It’s Wrestlemania season. My favorite season and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s every wrestling fan favorite as well. The road to Wrestlemania begins this Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona. January 27, the 2019 Royal Rumble, with the winner granted an opportunity to challenge for the WWE Championship or the Universal Championship.

Ok enough of setting the table and this lame introduction. Let’s get straight to the point! We all know the rumble will have surprise entrances, but how many. We are sure to expect a shocking moment. WWE and Vince McMahon will not let AEW shocking everyone with Chris Jericho go easily. Yes Jericho spoke to Vince and Triple H, but still. WWE will up them on this one or attempt to do so. Here are my top 4 predictions on those who will surprise us at the Rumble!

vince mcmahon


Every time WWE are losing ratings and look to move towards a “new” direction or story line, Vince turns to himself. Vince has been more on TV than in the past 3 years. So for this reason I believe the 73 year old will appear in the rumble. Vince will not win the rumble but he will generate a pop as he only knows how to.



Once again it comes down to Vince. Vince will do whatever he thinks is right for business and will stick to this regardless. It had been rumored that Batista would face Triple H at Wrestlemania 35. WWE started to head in that direction when Triple H and Batista had a segment on Smack Down late 2018. Tensions flared between the two. The story line and perhaps the match at Wrestlemania was put on hold due to Triple H recent injury. This time around it may be different for Batista and the reaction from teh fans. As long as he doesn’t win the rumble. A few things make me believe Batista will return at the rumble.

1. Triple H announced this week that he has been cleared to return to training
2. Wrestlemania time. Batista still a big movie star.
3. Dave Baptista tweeted “Youn ain’t seen nothing yet” in reply to WWE wishing him a happy birthday.

dude love

Dude Love

Mick Foley has been out for quite some time now and that is the only reason why I think he will return. Yes, no other particular reason. Lol. Actually one other reason because he will share the ring with the next surprise entrant….

the rock

The Rock

Once again Vince needs rating and a huge mainstream appeal especially that its Wresltemania season. Wrestlemania 35, New York/ New Jersey is very appealing to The Rock. Rock vs. Taker at Wrestlemania?

cm punk

CM Punk

I do not think CM Punk will appear at the rumble. BUT, I will keep predicting he will so when he finally decides to return, I will look like a genius. Lol. With that being said, there is a slight chance he does return. Why? Probably because Triple H will not compete at Wrestlemania 35 and if he does, its pretty much inked in that he will face Batista.

Others who should appear is Bray Wyatt, EC3 and the Undertaker. Comment below your top 4 Royal Rumble 2019 surprise entrants!!


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