Roll Sumthin' Talks New 2020 Project, Tupac Tribute 'Middle Fingers Up'

Jersey native and one of Hip Hop’s newest stars is focusing on 2020. With a new project on the way, taking the time needed to cultivate his sound, Roll Sumthin’ is prepared to leave his mark on the game.

After dropping his 2018 project titled ‘Hungry‘, Roll Sumthin’ is ready to share his new project with the world. Hoping it will inspire and motivate those who listen.

We caught up with Roll Sumthin’ for an exclusive interview.

Roll Sumthin'

O4L Online – How did the song “Middle Fingers Up” come about?

Roll Sumthin’ – At the time I was apart of unit called C.Y.O. aka “Control Your Own” and the OGs behind our unit had and still have a relationship with the Outlawz. Around that time we started seeing trailers for “All Eyez On Me” and Noble reached out to let us know that the soundtrack for the movie wasn’t finished yet, and that there was a possibility of being put on the soundtrack if we made something that fit with the movie.

Once we got that info from Noble we went in the lab. We had our in house producer at the time, B-Roc Beatz, whip up a fresh new sound and Munch Ali created the hook. One thing people don’t know about me is that I used to play ball in college, and even flirted with playing abroad. So, when I started rapping I didn’t have a full understanding of who ‘Pac was, and what he stood for. If it wasn’t for my OGs Sham, Core, Moddy Bang, Gotti, & Trigga Trife I wouldn’t have been able to write my verse. They are the ones who gave me a real insight to what was going on when ‘Pac was at his peak.

I was 5 when PAC died so the gems I got from OGs is what helped me to articulate and celebrate Tupac’s life. A few months later we found out we didn’t make the cut for the movie but the video sent shock waves to his fans around the world. It really gave me a boost as an artist, and my 1st official taste of the reach that Tupac had with fans. Reaching out from across the Globe. I will forever be grateful to be apart of history.

O4L Online – What did it mean to be on the song ‘Middle Fingers Up’? A song which was a tribute to Tupac, but also showcased what yourself, Munch Ali, and Trigga Trife are capable of as a trio.

Roll Sumthin’ – It meant a lot to be a part & shine light on a time in Hip Hop that was held in regard. The 90’s were the era that helped really mold the culture for lyricism with PAC being one, if not the biggest driving force of that era. As young artist from Jersey I learned a lot about the history of Tupac through my OGs and the Outlawz who were with him on a daily basis. It helped to give me some perspective on how the song and how my verse should be approached.

O4L Online – Favorite two songs by Tupac?

Roll Sumthin’ – Damn. Only two? Sheesh. I’m a big fan of “I Get Around” & “Do For Love”. I know those aren’t his heaviest tracks but I love the bounce to both. I love the vulnerability. To be able to have a song where you pretty much are letting females know I’m a free spirit, and I’m wit the sh*t if you down. To then turn it around and show the vulnerable side of himself with just one woman is genius and showed just how human he is.

O4L Online – What were your thoughts on the Tupac Biopic All Eyez On Me?

Roll Sumthin’ – The biopic gave me more insight to just what made ‘Pac tick. Obviously to put a man’s 25 year life in a two hour film is hard, and certain things will be left out. But, I think overall they did a good job in trying to show exactly who Tupac was from child to young man.

Munch Ali and Roll Sumthin’

O4L Online – What do you have planned for the new year musically?

Roll Sumthin’ – 2020 is the year for attack for me honestly. My last studio project was dropped in 2018 so I took this past year to really cultivate my sound & show my versatility as an artist. I will be dropping my 2nd project titled “Roll Model” in February so stay tuned for that. I also have visuals that I’ve dropped this past 4th quarter that I will keep pushing into the New Year.

O4L Online – Can you tell us about your new singles that will be on the new studio project ‘Roll Model’?

Roll Sumthin’ – Well ‘Extendo‘ was the 1st installment off of “Roll Model”, but I just dropped a dual video on YouTube for my singles “Limbo” & “Smoke With Me”. Along with dropping the 4th single off the project “Sun Up To Sun Down” this past week.

O4L Online – You mention how the 90s left a mark in the game as far as lyrsicm. How do you want to leave your mark with this new project in regards to how you want to be looked at as an artist?

Roll Sumthin’ – My whole goal with “Roll Model” is to share what it takes to be one. I want to share my vulnerabilities and flaws with people because they helped shape me into the person I am & still becoming. I don’t want “Roll Model” to exclusively be about filling your backwood, but to be an outlet for how you grind for what you believe in. And, the work ethic that it takes to see your dreams turn into reality. I’ve never been one to focus on the destination but more on the ride that takes me there.

But I’m excited to share it with the world. I just hope that my lyricism and song writing touch someone. That it influences them to get up, go out and be the best “roll model” they can be.

Roll Sumthin'
Roll Sumthin’ (Photo by @oneshotraw_)

O4L Online – Tell us about your newly created record label.

Roll Sumthin’ – This past year I started my own label with my cousin Munch Ali called 3rd Arrow Sound. That was a big step for us this past year as we look forward to 2020 my main goal is to establish our label with he and I as the driving force behind it.

O4L Online – How important is it for an artist to have their own label in 2020?

Roll Sumthin’ – It’s very important as an artist at least to me. I am my own boss I cut my own checks, and can hire who I want. I can release when I want, and I never have to answer to anyone but myself. In order to do that I had to familiarize myself with the analytics and business side to making music.

Many artists that come through my studio lack that and are focused on just the musical aspect of the art. Failing to realize that if you want to make money you have to handle your business and analytics.

I have nothing against a label but in this game you need leverage in order to make noise. That starts with the artist knowing his or her worth and creating the demand for the audience, so that when it comes time to sit down with a label you have leverage.


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