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Roll Sumthin Says ‘Middle Fingers Up’ Was Recorded For Tupac Biopic

Appearing on the Heart of an Outlaw show, 3rd Arrow Sound Hip Hop artist Roll Sumthin’, spoke about how the song ‘Middle Fingers Up’ came about and it being considered for the Tupac ‘All Eyez On Me’ biopic.

With the release of the Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ was the plan for a soundtrack that unfortunately was never released. At the time Young Noble gave the opportunity to his fellow Jersey comrades with the hopes of created a song to be selected for the biopic.

Roll Sumthin Says 'Middle Finger Up' Was Recorded For Tupac Biopic

“My big homies grew up with certain members of the Outlawz,” Roll Sumthin’ explained. “We have a good relationship with Noble and at the time the movie was about to come out and we were approached with possibly getting put on the soundtrack for the movie.”


Munch Ali, Trigga Trife, and Roll Sumthin’ all stepped up to the plate and delivered ‘Middle Fingers Up’. The Tupac inspired record produced by B-Roc Beatz, was not forgotten, and at the end showcased the talented artists involved.

“Munch pretty much made I say damn near 90% of the hook. I just added a little two cents here and there,” Roll Sumthin tells host Andrew Moffatt. “We came back the next day and we started writing verses. It just so happened that I finished my verse first.”

Finding a way to showcase his lyrical content while adding stories told from his big homies about Shakur, Roll Sumthin’ was able to impress with his verse. Not only did he finish his verse first, but he was allowed to start off the song. “They was really there. They were at the awards holding him down, like for real like Trife was saying on the record. That’s a 100 percent sure,” he explained.

Roll Sumthin’ is referring to the 1996 MTV VMA’s where Tupac, Suge Knight, and Death Row East hit the streets of New York for the after party. A night in which Shakur ran into Nas where things became tensed and ultimately squashed between the two icons. (View: Nas Reflects On New York Meeting With Tupac Days Before He Passed.)


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