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Roll Sumthin’ Drops ‘Make No Sense’ Video, Roll Model On The Way

Jersey native and one of Hip Hop’s newest up and coming stars, Roll Sumthin’, drops new promo video in anticipation for his ‘’Roll Model’ release.

This past Monday (April 20) Roll Sumthin’ gave fans a sneak peek of his latest project on 420 day in an attempt to distract those from these difficult times. “I just wanted to give some good vibes on a day that has been synonymous with good vibes. I feel like this is my unofficial holiday and I wanted to take everyone’s mind off the madness going on outside.”

Roll Sumthin’ will officially release ‘Roll Model’ on May 15th, and album that he took his time in creating. “It’s an album that took me a year to live and create,” Roll Sumthin’ said to O4L Online.

Roll Sumthin' Drops 'Make No Sense' Video, Roll Model On The Way

“2020 is the year for attack for me honestly. My last studio project was dropped in 2018 so I took this past year to really cultivate my sound & show my versatility as an artist.”

The new album will be released via 3rd Arrow Sound, which was founded by himself and his cousin Munch Ali. Being the driving force behind the label along with Munch Ali is very important, especially for an artist in 20202. “I am my own boss I cut my own checks, and can hire who I want. I can release when I want, and I never have to answer to anyone but myself. In order to do that I had to familiarize myself with the analytics and business side to making music.”

The seventeen track album will features the likes of K Fresh, Prince Jay, Samad Savage, and W Bringdem Packsin’.

“Many artists that come through my studio lack that and are focused on just the musical aspect of the art. Failing to realize that if you want to make money you have to handle your business and analytics,” Roll Sumthin’ explained.

“I have nothing against a label but in this game you need leverage in order to make noise. That starts with the artist knowing his or her worth and creating the demand for the audience, so that when it comes time to sit down with a label you have leverage.”


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