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Roddy Ricch Very First Interview Talks NBA, Record Labels

After releasing his first mixtape ‘Feed Tha Streets‘ and before he broke into mainstream Hip Hop, Roddy Ricch was interviewed first by The Dinner Club.

At the time the young nineteen year-old Roddy Ricch was not to be taken lightly. His music reflected a much more older sound for his age. “I been through a lot myself, and then the people I surround myself with. I hand around 25 up,” says Roddy Ricch. “Everybody older than me. I don’t really hang out with my age.”

His successful debut mixtape project put all eyes immediately on Roddy Ricch. “B**** you know I keep them Ks with me / And I ain’t p**** boy don’t play with me / She give me head like wavy grease / While I pull up in a Jeep like a ATV / Feelin’ like Kevin Gates, I got six jobs,” Roddy on Money off Feed Tha Streets.

roddy ricch

Hailing from Compton, Roddy Ricch was inspired by the legendary Easy-E, “Cause he more so tell a story,” explains Roddy Ricch. “I’m the type of dude, I like a story. I like listening to what somebody got to say.”

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During the interview Roddy Ricch speaks on major labels vouching to sign the up and coming artist. From Interscope records, Roc Nation to his current label Atlantic. Roddy also touches on why staying independent might not be the best move, plus speaks 360 deals.

Also Roddy talks NBA, Lebron James, plus which Hip Hop team would he join.

UPDATE: The Dinner Club no longer airs on the XXL channel but now on The City Channel via Dash Radio. Airing every Wednesday night @ 9PM PT/12AM ET via dashradio.com/thecity or download the free app! Download the free app here for iTunes | Google Play


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