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Rob ‘The Original’ Creates New Tupac Portrait Using Fingerprints

Rob ‘The Original’ Ferrel is back with another spectacular portrait of Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur using his fingerprints!

Described as the modern-day Picasso, San Antonio artist Rob ‘The Original’ is no stranger to creating unusual masterpieces. Showing his talent and creativity stretches beyond the realms of mainstream art Rob ‘The Original’ won “Barber of the Year” at last year’s American Influencer Awards. He creates hair portraits of celebrities including Hip Hop artists, sport and movie stars.

In March, Rob The Original created a Tupac portrait out of cement using a Menudo can with holes pierced in the bottom. The artwork gained the attention of Tupac’s friend and member of the Outlawz, Young Noble. In awe, the Outlaw described it as “Amazing”, with the official Outlawz Instagram compared him to a modern-day Picasso.


Now, Rob ‘The Original’ has again concentrated on Tupac as a subject once again. Posting a video to his Instagram page, Rob is seen pressing his thumb in ink, adding the print. Using the right amount of ink and various amounts of pressure, Rob manages to create different contrasts throughout. After placing the final thumbprint to paper, Rob’s creation of Tupac is finally complete.

As the camera pans out, you see a realistic-looking Tupac complete with the nose ring and baseball hat. The response to the Thumbprint Tupac by Rob ‘The Original’ on social media has been especially full of praise. One user even called the portrait “Thumbpac” which Rob approved of.

As if he couldn’t give any more clues in his art, Rob is clearly a Tupac fan. As a result, he gained motivation through Tupac’s music and remains a big influence in his art today. “I grew up listening to him through every struggle I went through, drug stages, depression, being broke. Growing up, I had a pretty rough life; Tupac and the Outlawz were who I always listened to.”


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