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RIPEminem Trends Adding To The Bizarre Year That Is 2020

The trending world of Twitter in 2020 continues and adding to the list is the hashtag ripeminem to what has already been a bizarre year.

On Tuesday afternoon (August 18) somehow the #ripeminem became one of the top ten trends on the popular social media platform that is Twitter. Sparking an immediate cause for concern within the Twitter community as many believed for a slight second the year of 2020 also took the life of Hip Hop artist Eminem.

Thankful, after clicking on the trending hashtag, users realized that Eminem was still alive, and somehow someone was able to make ripeminem trend. Many believe user name @levicumsock started the shocking trend by tweeting, “I have killed eminem”.

Eminem Eminem at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, California.  (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Regardless of how it all began this was yet another trend that took over Twitter. It wasn’t the first and it looks like it wont be the last for 2020 with four months remaining.

Back in June of 2020, K-Pop fans took over Twitter as they successfully dethroned the hashtags #whiteoutwednesday and #whitelivesmatter. Both hashtags created in response to the Black Lives Moment and the social injustice, plus the police brutality in which the moment stands against. Instantly K-Pop was trending, much to the delight of many Twitter users.

Or who can forget when many thought the comparison between Michael Jackson and Drake was up for debate. (Interestingly a month later and Fat Joe sparked that conversation when he compared Drake to MJ on his Fat Joe Show. View here: Keyshia Cole Does Not Agree With Fat Joe Comparing Drake To MJ)

At the time the University of California Board of Regents announced Michael V Drake was appointed as the 21st president of UC’s world-renowned system. The announcement quickly became a hot trend. Yes, this was a historic announcement. Drake would become the first black leader in a system that is over 152 years old.

But, for many, the conversation of Drake versus Michael quickly became click bait. Whether you thought it was Michael Jackson versus Drake, or even Michael “Air” Jordan versus Drizzy, you like everyone else felt for it. This prompted many hilarious tweets. Some went as far as comparing hit-for-hit between Hip Hop artist Drake and Pop icon Michael Jackson.


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