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Rihanna Documentary ‘Rihanna: Volume One’ Via Amazon Summer 2020

With the hopes of creating momentum for their video streaming service, Amazon is set to release a Rihanna documentary highlighting her personal life and journey to fame.

After inking in a deal worth $25 million dollars back in December of 2019, the Rihanna documentary could finally see the light in Summer of 2020.

Rihanna is no stranger to Amazon as she starred in ‘Guava Island’, the Donald Glover project produced by Amazon Studio back in 2019.

Also who can forget Rihanna’s Fenty X Savage lingerie show which was streamed via Amazon back in September of 2019. Rihanna who owns 49% of the fashion line Fenty, named the line after her real last name, as she was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Directed by Peter Berg has been working on the project for a few years now, was granted to full access to Rihanna’s catalog and footage that will be used for the documentary. This includes over 1200 hours of footage of RiRi.

Part of that footage was shot by Berg who for two years, 2015-2017, traveled with Rihanna around Europe. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Berg gave more details regarding the footage. “We’ve got about a thousand hours of footage. That was a fun change of pace. After Lone Survivor and Deepwater and Patriots Day, where all these men run around with guns, to go travel with Rihanna around Europe, and Rihanna is surrounded by girls. We were in Nice [France].”

“She was going to do a concert on Bastille Day. And that truck driver who killed all those people plowed through them right in front of our hotel. So even in me trying to do something light, I had a very, very front-row seat to something that horrific.”

Twitter user @TeamofRihanna posted an exclusive screenshot off the Rihanna: Volume One documentary, with the caption of “Coming soon on Amazon”.


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