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Rick Ross On Why People Said Tupac Is Alive, Gives His Top 5

Days removed from his Verzuz battle with 2 Chainz, Rick Ross appeared on the Fat Joe Show via IG Live. Ricky Rozay explained why he feels people said Tupac is alive and gave his top 5 Hip Hop artists of all time.

Closing out the almost hour long interview, host Fat Joe asked Rick Ross to drop his top 5 list. In no particular order Rick Ross named Biggie Smalls followed by Tupac Shakur. “I’ma say Tupac. That Makaveli project touched me different,” Ross said. “I’ve always been one of them people that believes anybody could make one dope ass album. But you ain’t gon roll the dice and make two dope albums if you wasn’t a dope motherf–ker.”

After his release from prison in late 1995, Tupac signed to Death Row records would release his double album with All Eyez On Me. An instant classic which quickly sold 5x platinum and currently over 10x platinum. After his passing, Shakur’s first posthumously album Makaveli The Don Killumanti was released, in which he recorded in only 3 days, months after dropping All Eyez On Me. Again Tupac had another instant classic.

Rick Ross On Why People Said Tupac Is Alive, Gives His Top 5

“Tupac was always one the most powerful influential ni–as, but that Makaveli album put it over the top. That’s when ni–as was saying he was in Jamaica. When you dead and they say nah he ain’t dead,” Ross explains to Fat Joe.

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Many till this day believe Tupac is alive. Rumors that started with Tupac himself and his cryptic lyrics, in addition to the way he “moved” during his last days alive. (View: Tupac Alive? 5 Theories That Had The Internet Going Crazy!)

Back in 2011 Ross along with Meek Mill dropped the hit single Tupac Back. The tribute landed on the 22 spot of Billboard Rap Songs chart. “2Pac back, 2Pac back / That’s all these b—hes screaming that 2Pac back / All eyes on me, better picture me rollin’ / Buying brand new rims, but them bitches is stolen / Stranded on Death Row, Brenda having my baby,” Ross rapped on the hook.

Completing his list, Rick Ross has Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Big Pun, and Nipsey Hussle. “Dear friend of mine Nipsey Hussle. You gotta understand when I put my list together, I always understand when brothers wasn’t here. We didn’t get to see them live it to their full potential.”

Although Ross could not add another artist to his top 5 list, he did go on to give his top R&B artist of all time in Teddy Pendergrass.


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