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Rick Rock On The Weirdest Thing About Working With Tupac In 1996

During an interview with Thizzler TV, producer Rick Rock details his experience working with Tupac Shakur. Tupac isn’t the only artist Rock has had the pleasure of working with. His resume consist of Snoop Dogg, Fabulous, Wu-Tang Clan, E-40, Jay-Z, just to name a few.

Rick Rock produced ‘Trading War Stories’ and ‘Ain’t Hard 2 Find’ both from Tupac’s double CD, All Eyez On Me. When it came to the song ‘Trading War Stories”, Rick recalls Tupac being the first one done with his verse, “He picked the beat. He was the first one to write, first one to finish. And, he was sitting, and he waited for everyone else to get down on the song.”

This doesn’t come to a surprise, as over the years every artist that had the chance to work with Tupac, spoke highly of his work ethic. Tupac’s ability to out work everyone. To create many songs a day, and write his verse’s quickly and effortlessly.

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Tupac in studio
Tupac In Cam Am Studios, 1996

“He worked fast. He wrote like, like he was tracing it or something. That was the weirdest shi*t about him. Like he wrote like he was tracing it. Like it was just fast. How do you write your thoughts that fast,” explains Rock.

“Then he go in the booth and lay it down. Come out and just be waiting on motherf**kers. Cause if you take to long and he be trying to cut people off the song,” says Rock. “I seen that a couple times.”

Tupac didn’t have time and worked fast

Aside of Tupac’s work ethic, was his energy that stood out from the rest as well.”Intense. Crazy. I was there when he recorded ‘Hit Em Up’. The energy behind ‘Hit Em Up’, when they just were gonna record it. Them talking and shit,” says Rick Rock.

Tupac was moving a fast pace, and for whatever reason, Tupac didn’t want to waste time. “I actually did five songs with him,” says Rick Rock. “He’s uh, intense. He doesn’t have time. For some reason he felt like he doesn’t have the time.”

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Rock recalls Tupac saying, ‘I don’t have time for all of that. The producers can come back. Ya’ll can come back, and add what you want.’ So to me it was like spooky, cause I was new, and you know I thought it was such a great opportunity. I thought it might slip outta my hands, how fast he was like, he disregarded the producers to a certain existent.”

“He was on the raw, uncut, pure talent level at that point,” adds Rick Rock.


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