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Richie Rich Talks About His Friendship With Tupac And How They Met

Bay Area rapper Richie Rich spoke in an interview with Music Realm Television about his friendship with Tupac Shakur.

Richie Rich, originally from Oakland, appeared on Tupac’s 1995 album ‘Me Against the World’ on a track titled ‘Heavy in the Game’. Although active making music before the feature on the album, it made his name go global. Shortly after this appearance, Richie Rich also featured on the Luiz ‘I Got 5 On It’.

In this interview, Richie talks fondly about the very first time he met Tupac. A girl who he knew spoke with him about getting some weed. When Richie turned up to deliver, Tupac was at the house and they both introduced each other. This was before Tupac joined Digital Underground, at the very start of his career. Tupac suggested that they make music together and they hung out together with Richie showing ‘Pac around Oakland.

Richie Rich
Tupac and Richie Rich

Not only did they have a good friendship, but Richie credits Tupac for giving him a chance on ‘Me against the World’ and recalls arguments with the record company about payment. When Me Against The World came out on Interscope, they had a problem with paying Richie Rich. The reason for the standoff between the Oakland rapper and the label was down to no contracts signed. Richie, along with Tupac and Afeni quickly resolved the issue. He said; “I took a piece of notebook and I wrote out a contract. I talked about what part of the song I wrote and how much my percentage was and I signed it. ‘Pac signed it and his moms signed it as a witness.”

Richie Rich Shares His Memories Of Tupac

In the book ‘Tupac Remembered’, Richie talks about how when Tupac got home from prison he lived life to the full. “He’s getting measured for custom-tailored suits and doing photo shoots. He went up to Armani and bought a belt and two pair of pants and spent like 3,700 bucks. I was like, ‘Dude, you trippin’. I mean I could have filled my closet for $3,700.”

Tupac and Richie collaborated on a few songs from his 1996 double album, ‘All Eyez On Me’. These tracks were ‘Rather Be Ya N****’ and ‘Ain’t Hard 2 Find’. In 1993, Tupac, Richie Rich, Big Syke and Warren G were captured on video freestyling in the studio over a Snoop Dogg beat.


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