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Revolt TV To Air T.I.’s Interview On The Fat Joe Show

The Fat Joe Show will not be stopped, not even by Instagram, as Joey Crack’s epic interview with T.I. will replay on Revolt TV.

An interview with T.I. took place on Friday night on The Fat Joe Show via IG Live, but for unknown reasons the episode was taken down by Instagram.

T.I. who has been a hot topic since challenging 50 Cent to a Verzuz challenge, was ready to voice his unfiltered opinions live with Fat Joe. The ongoing internet beef between T.I. and 50 Cent has gotten somewhat personal, but for T.I. it is the only way you take down the “bully”.

“In a minute I’ma move on to something else,” T.I. said about 50 Cent in the deleted interview on The Fat Joe Show. “Aight he’s scared. I ain’t tripping. It is still my brother. I love him. Ain’t got no real motherf–king real issue with him. I ain’t go no problem with him. Its his catalog that I got an issue with. I want to kill his catalog.”

Good news for viewers who might not have watched the interview live. Fat Joe has announced on Instagram that his popular show will air on Revolt TV.

“Instagram keeps deleting tonight’s episode of the Fat Joe Show with T.I. They trying to stop us which is impossible!,” wrote Fat Joe. “The revolution will be televised on @revolttv aka you can watch tonight’s historic interview with TI on Revolt. The big show can’t be stopped!”

Various YouTube users captured the interview which can be seen below.


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