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Reports Say Kodak Black Involved In Huge Prison Fight

Hip Hop artist Kodak Black had reportedly been involved in a huge prison fight. Mami’s Local 10 has reported that Kodak Black got physical with an inmate. No word as to what the reason for the altercation.

What has been reported is the hospitalization of a guard who tried to break up the fight. The guard suffered severe injuries that result in the guard needing surgery.

Kodak Black is currently awaiting to be sentenced on November 13. Black could face up to eight years in prison. He went on to plea guilty to federal weapons charges back in August of this year.

Reports Say Kodak Black Involved In Huge Prison Fight

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Arrested on the charges in Miami-Dade County, Florida in May, Kodak has been called “a danger to the community”, by a federal judge.

No telling how this prison fight between Kodak and an inmate, not to mention the hospitalization of a guard, will affect his ruling on November 13.

Don’t ever ask Kodak about his history with the law!

The 21 year old rapper, whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, has a long history with the law. A history that includes drug and weapons charges. Earlier in 2018 he was arrested for posting a live Instagram video of him smoking weed in front of his kid.

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His long history with the law is something Kodak does not like to speak on. How can we forget his infamous interview with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning.

During the interview, the shows host, Ebro Darden, brought up the recent cases. Including the sexual assault case, which didn’t go down to well with Kodak. Seeing that he wasn’t pleased with him bringing the subject up, Ebro suggests that Kodak seemed upset at him mentioning the case.

The rapper responded, “I feel like sometimes when n***** like me going through shit. Y’all be entertained by bullsh**. Change the subject or I’m finna walk out.” And walk out he did. Watch the full interview below!


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