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Reggie Wright Jr On Being Blamed For Tupac Shooting

Following on from the previous part of his VladTv interview, former Head of Security at Death Row Records, Reggie Wright Jr speaks on being blamed for Tupac’s shooting in Las Vegas.

On September 7th 1996, Tupac was shot on the strip in Las Vegas, on his way to Club 662. This was after watching his friend Mike Tyson beat Bruce Seldon at the MGM Grand earlier on that evening. Reggie was in charge of all security operations, leading to questions being asked by various people including CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight.

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In this part of the VladTv interview, Reggie talks about the meeting at Suge’s house on September 13th 1996. Six day’s after ‘Pac was shot and the day that he passed. In attendance was himself, Suge, Frank Alexander, Tupac’s personal security guard, Buntry and Neckbone. Both were Death Row associates. In the meeting fingers were being pointed and questions were being directed at him that he needed to answer.

Frank Alexander speaks about this meeting in his book ‘Got Your Back’. In the book he details the questions that were being asked. According to Frank, the meeting got heated and the atmosphere was real bad. Speaking in his book about the moment in the meeting that they all got the sad news about Tupac passing. Frank says, “The phone rings, Suge answers and listens. He doesn’t speak. He took the phone and threw it across the table.” It’s too f******’ late now. Can’t nobody do nothin’ for him. He’s gone” His voice was cracking. He stands up, and just walks away. When he walked away, everybody at the table stood up. I just sat there, and I started crying.”


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