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Reggie Wright Jr Details Tupac Grabbing For His Gun

Reggie Wright Jr recently sat down with hip-hop channel Cam Capone News to talk about Tupac, Biggie and Death Row Records.

The interview, put on Cam Capone News YouTube channel, is part one of seven. In the first clip, Reggie talks about an incident that happened backstage at the 1995 Soul Train Music Awards.

Reggie Wright Jr On Being Blamed For Tupac Shooting

Reggie is talking about the time that Tupac and Biggie came face-to-face for the first time since ‘Pac’s shooting two years previous.

Detailing the 1996 event at the LA Shrine Auditorium, Reggie says Death Row took an entourage of about fifty to the show. Only a handful of the entourage were allowed backstage with Tupac including the Outlawz, Suge, Frank Alexander and Reggie.

Reggie Wright Jr
Tupac in the Hummer at the 1996 Soul Train Music Awards

As the Death Row entourage pulls in at the backstage area, they see the Bad Boy camp coming off stage. Biggie opened up the show, with the Death Row Records entourage turning up late.

“As they were walking out, ‘Pac immediately jumped out the hummer! That’s what made me jump out because I was in the passenger seat of Frank Alexander’s car. I jumped out, all the Outlawz jumped out and they are up on them”.

According to Reggie, Tupac started yelling at Biggie and threatening the Bad Boy camp. At this point the two juggernauts of the hip-hop world are face to face, ready for whatever may come.

It was at this moment when Reggie Wright Jnr saw, who he believes, was Keith Davies. Better known as Keefe D, a member of the Southside Crips and uncle to Orlando Anderson.

Ready For War

After one of Biggie’s entourage pulled a gun, brandishing it around, Reggie, a former police officer, pulled his gun. Being legally allowed to carry and discharge weapon, Reggie pleaded with Biggie’s entourage to not raise his gun. Tupac had other ideas!

Reggie Wright Jr
Tupac ready for war at the 1996 Soul Train Music Awards

“Pac was standing there trying to pull the gun from me, like ‘Shoot em’ Reg, shoot em, shoot em’. It seemed like he was trying to get the gun from me so that he could shoot them!”

Reggie gives credit to Biggie for standing there and not reacting to the situation that could of escalated further.

Biggie spoke briefly of the incident that took place at the Shrine Auditorium. “He was on some tough s***, though. I can’t knock them dudes for the way they go about their biz. They made everything seem so dramatic. I felt the darkness when he rolled up that night. Duke came out the window fatigued out, screaming ‘West Side! Outlawz!”.

Reggie also spoke about how he first met Suge Knight and how he came about working at Death Row.


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