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Reggie Talks Photo Taken Of Tupac In The Hospital, Euthanasia Medallion

Plus his biggest regret with Afeni Shakur

Part 8 of an interview with Reggie Wright Jr., former head of security for Death Row records, has been released. Talking to Cam Capone News, Reggie reveals a photo taken of Tupac in the hospital, what happened to the Euthanasia medallion and his biggest regret.

After the being shot on the Vegas strip on September 7 1996, emergency services rushed Tupac to University Medical Center. Just before midnight he underwent surgery to remove a bullet from the pelvic area. In the days following the shooting, medical staff operated on him and consequently a punctured lung was removed. He remained in the ICU, where he had friends and family visit him. On September 13 1996, Tupac Shakur’s mother made the decision to set her son free.

tupac last photo vegas 1996

Since then there has been different accounts about what happened during the time Tupac was in the hospital. From Snoop Dogg, to former girlfriend Desiree Smith, have all shared their stories.

Photo Of Tupac In The Hospital

Reggie Wright Jr. would share what it was like at the hospital. Wright would go on to reveal that someone attempted to take a photo of Tupac on the hospital bed and succeeded!

A female photographer dressed as a candy stripper was able to take a photograph of Tupac on the Hospital bed. “She got a picture taken, but somebody got to her, one of the security guys, or some guy took the camera from her.”

At this point Reggie made sure to put security everywhere 24 hours. “So now I put two guards by the door. Nobody goes in. That’s why when all these people talk about they was in there, yea,” says Reggie as he rolls his eyes.

Death Row Records
Media, friends & fans gather outside UMC Las Vegas

Many in the past, including Snoop Dogg have said they went in to see Tupac as he laid on the hospital bed. Reggie explains that unless they were brought in my Afeni Shakur, no one was able to come in and out of the room that held Tupac. “The only one going in there was the mama. Of course if the mama bring somebody in there. But it ain’t like the people going in and out of the room and all of that,” says Reggie.

Tupac’s Euthanasia Chain

When asked about what happened to Tupac’s jewelry, Reggie says he personally gave the ‘Pac blood-stained Euthanasia Medallion back to Afeni Shakur. “I personally myself delivered to Afeni and the W Hotel, about a month or two after he died.”

Death Row Records
Tupac wearing his Euphanasia Medallion at the MTV Music Awards September 1996

Although Reggie was apologetic for not cleaning the medallion up, Afeni appreciated and respected it untouched. Recalling the conversation, Reggie said; “I apologized to her. She said ‘no Reggie I’m glad you didn’t do anything to it. I want to leave it just the way it is. I want to keep it just like that’. What happened to it today, I don’t know.”

Biggest Regret With Afeni Shakur

When talking about Death Row records success after Tupac passing away and Suge Knight locked up, Reggie talks about his biggest regret. “The biggest regret that I had, is once we got everything settled with the moms, I wasn’t smart enough to understand that ok now we need to do a press release where she is saying “everything is all good”. “I love Suge and Reggie and Death Row and all of this. Now we in business together”,” explains Reggie.

Reggie understands now how Tupac’s fans rode for him and how important it was to clarify things. To let the world know that Afeni was happy and the business aspect was all worked finally. “If I would have did that. Smart enough to know to do that, or not stubborn enough to do that. I would have gone a long way,” says Reggie.

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