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Fornite Fans Redeem Fornite Galaxy Skin Without A Note 9

Part of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release, anyone who pre-ordered the smartphone would have a chance to receive an exclusive Fortnite Galaxy skin. Along with the exclusive Galaxy skin was that of 15,000 v-bucks, Fortnite’s in game currency. Read – Fornite Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Order Deal

Fornite galaxy

Part of the hype surrounding Fortnite and the new Note 9 was the fact that Fortnite for the moment is no longer available through the Play store. Epic Games claims the reason being is for the cut that Google takes for all in-app purchases. In order to download Fortnite via your Samsung device is by going to the app drawer. Then going to the Samsung’s Game Launcher app. Open the Game Launcher app and you should see a Fortnite icon with a blue arrow next to it.

You didn’t pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9? No problem. That wouldn’t stop hard core gamers and Fortnite loyalists to find a way to get their hands on the exclusive Galaxy skin. Frontnite fans went into various retail locations and downloaded Fortnite on the displayed device. They would then log into their personal Epic Games account and played the three games required to redeem the free Galaxy skin. Although they used a device from a retail store they would still be able to keep the skin and use it on any other device.

Samsung is advising many retailers to create awareness of the issue amongst sales associates to prevent this from happening. As seen below courtesy of Twitter user @Parallax, one particular Samsung Store put up this sign to all potential skin thieves.


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