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Reason Why Tupac Dissed Jay Z On The Classic Diss Song Hit ‘Em Up

Speaking with The Art Of Dialogue, Mike Mosely talks about Tupac’s iconic diss song ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ and why Tupac dissed Jay Z at the time.

Mike Mosely was there in studio when Tupac and the Outlawz recorded one of the greatest diss songs of all time. “So, Hit Em’ Up was another one of those times where I was on my way to L.A. anyways, and ‘Pac had called. He was like I’m in the studio, come through.”

While in Can-Am Studios, Mosley witnessed Tupac record his verses for ‘Hit Em’ Up.”He goes in there and he just starts going in. Start going in doing his verses and EDI went in there did his little verse, Mutah, everybody start doing their verses. At the time it was the hype of the whole us against them. East against West,” explains Mosley.

Reason Why Tupac Dissed Jay Z On The Classic Diss Song Hit 'Em Up
Hit ‘Em Up music video

Describing the studio session, Mosley says ‘Pac was having a good time hearing the song once they all dropped their verses. Playing the song over and over, ‘Pac was excited about the song. “It was funny to him because he just really felt he was murdering them on wax. Which he did. So, this was right up his alley. He couldn’t wait for a heated battle. Cause he had a lot of angry in him towards a lot of different people when he got out,” says Mosley. “He had a lot of aggression. He was finally able to murder some people on wax.”

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Many were in studio at the time. DJ Quick, Left Eye and Goodie Mob, to name a few. Goodie Mob who was also in studio were also friends with Puffy, according to Mosley they felt uncomfortable in studio hearing Hit ‘Em Up. “They was friends with Puffy, knew Puffy and them. They just looking at each other, like man we don’t know what’s gonna happen after this,” says Mosley.

Tupac would diss the entire Bad Boy camp, including Mobb Deep, and others such as Jay Z. “He dissed Jay Z, Nas. He dissed everybody you can think of back than that was hot. So, he dissed everybody that was East Coast,” says Mosley.

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Explaining why he felt Tupac dissed Jay z, Mosley said it was a warning to anyone who was next in line. “That’s pretty much why he dissed everybody over there just letting them know, nobody immune, from catching a hot one on wax. We’re just as good as all of ya’ll. So, I’m hear to tell you. So, he dissed everybody in there, whoever is next, whoever wanna face him.”


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